Transformer Prime TF201 ASUS TF201-B1-GR Eee Pad 10.1-Inch 32GB Tablet

I finally got my Asus Transformer Prime TF201 last week, after there was almost a few weeks delay! This tablet is not my first Asus Transformer so I have a few things in order to check some differences.

Especially some hardware updates make some improvements, including ability to play the new games that work with Tegra machine, and this is the first tablet that has a quad core (Tegra 3) processor, so there are improvements on its performance (you will notice it while opening a few apps and games all at once)

I am more into Android OS than iOS, and these are very much my impression on this Asus TF201.

Out of the box, this new Asus transformer prime has sleeker design than the old model, the overall feels are also much better, however if you own the old docking keyboard, it won’t fit to this tablet, so be ware.

Once I opened and switched this tablet on, I had 2 Asus firmware updates to perform, and it took only about two and a half minutes.

I also purchased the new keyboard docking station, because having the dock is a must for me, since it’s much better if you want to type alot, and frequently work with your documents or emails.

transformer prime

Apart of easier to type, there is also additional benefits of having the dock, such as double your tablet’s battery life, and more access to the USB ports and SD card slot- literally handful.

Asus Transformer Prime TF201 specs, features and limitations

The OS is Android Honeycomb 3.2 which is an excellent operating system that is specifically developed for tablet devices, and it offers anything you need. Basically, you can do everything without having to be bound with iTunes, and you can view Flash, as well as extend your tablet’s memory anytime you want..

Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade the OS to Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) or version 4.0, and ICS release date will be around January 2012.

It has 1.2MP front camera, and 8MP rear camera, which aren’t perfect but extremely improved from the old model, it has LED flash and autofocus which is great when you make a movie or a good quality picture.

This prime tablet features a responsive multi-touch super IPS screen, and although the screen resolution remains 1280×800 (same as the old original one) it has so much better brightness and colors. This said, you will be able to view a full page of online magazine, facebook or websites without having to zoom. The 16×9 screen’s aspect ration will fit into any widescreen television beautifully. I have tried it.

The built-in default video player plays a lot of video file formats including mkv and mp4 without any problems, however didn’t really enable me to choose audio track and subtitles (I have tried to play H264 and .mkv or .mp4 1080p video formats).

There was another way which I’ve also tried, which was installing a video player from the apps market and it then enabled me choosing the subs and audio track.

transformer prime

Asus Transformer Prime TF201 Review Conclusion

Overall, I am truly impressed, this thing is a lot more powerful as well as *free* tablet than Apple’s iPad could have been. With its features, and the docking station, this isn’t just a tablet, but also a netbook.

It does work brilliantly in both configuration, (especially the amazing battery life – around 18 hours with the dock, 8 hours without the dock)- a full access to your documents so your productivity is on this Asus Transformer Prime TF201 at a fingertip.

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