Tutorial to install wordpress 3.1 Beta 1

Install wordpress 3.1 Beta 1- It is ready to download and to try!

When i logged in to my local wordpress blog today, i notice a news from wordpress dashboard that wordpress 3.1 beta 1 is already released to try.

I was so excited to install wordpress 3.1 Beta 1!.

Install wordpress 3.1 Beta 1 steps:

Not so many different with the old version, you should have php features, and mySQL database to install wordpress 3.1 Beta.1

But to try it, i recommend and creating a tutorial to install wordpress 3.1 Beta 1 to try in local server, offline.

Video and guide to install wordpress 3.1 Beta 1.

Lets start to install wordpress 3.1 Beta 1.

1. Download wordpress version 3.1 Beta 1 from wordpress.org site.

2. Create database in wamp or mamp. See more infos to install wordpress locally in windows and mac posts.

3. Open the folder name in your webserver and create the configuration files.

4. Type in everything which is needed, such as your database name, password, blog title, admin name, and password.

Once you’re done, you should be able to log in to your wordpress dashboard. There are so many new features i will share it with you very soon, because i need to take screenshots and video.

install wordpress 3.1

Available for public, wordpress 3.1 Beta 1

I have decided not to create video to install wordpress 3.1 Beta because you can follow this installing wordpress 3.0.1 tutorial.

However i did make video about new features of wordpress 3.1 Beta, which you can read from webdev too.

Video new features of wordpress 3.1 beta:

Screenshots, the difference between wordpress 3.0 and 3.1 Beta:

1. Better column sorting in the dashboard.
For example, you want to search the newest or oldest post, you can sort them by clicking the arrow button.

wordpress 3.1

Better column sorting.

2. Improvement on “link” in the post options.
You can now work faster whenever you want to link to your other posts or pages.
Interlinking in your site is important, also to improve your traffic. If you have not use related post yet, see more about my tutorial on adding related post without plugin.

wordpress 3.1 new features

The link new option.

3. More better pagination on your posts, or pages.
In the older version, you can’t type the direct page, example, you want to go to page “50” you can just type in the small box.

wordpress 3.1 paging

The pagination in admin dashboard.

4. Admin color scheme — more clean blue color.
In this following image, you will see the more clean blue option for your custom dashboard.
The dark one is missing.

admin color scheme wordpress 3.1

Admin Color Scheme WordPress 3.1

As i said, not so much different than the older version, i hope this short review and tutorial to install wordpress 3.1 Beta 1 is useful for you!

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