Twenty Eleven Theme Video – The New Default Theme of WordPress 3.2

Twenty Eleven Theme – The new WordPress Default theme 2011

Twenty Eleven theme was mentioned on my post yesterday, I published the estimation of WordPress 3.2 release date which is around June 30th, 2011, and that is next month, together with mentioning the default theme, which is Twenty Eleven.

Though I am not sure, if Twenty Ten still will be included. From what I heard, WordPress users love Twenty Ten because of its flexibility, and perhaps it will be still included to be the themes which are there when wordpress is installed in web server.

Perhaps some people are interested, and some people have a little worries like me. “Oh hopefully I can upgrade my blog without having any problems” :)

Actually that is what on my mind everytime I hear or know the news of the newest wordpress version will be out or released very soon.

To be honest, I don’t want to update my blog frequently or too often, but since wordpress update is important and necessary, I still will do it anyway, without forgetting to backup database first, of course!

Twenty Eleven Theme – Duster Theme

If you ever used blog or you still have blogs there, this Twenty Eleven theme is actually coming from Duster theme which is already available to use.

Of course it would not be the exact same, but Duster theme is made by Automattic, and it will be available to use as the default theme for us, selfhosted users.

For Duster theme, you can see this theme’s features on this page. I have a blog in and I just switched from Twenty Ten to Duster theme, and it looks fine.

What I don’t like is the really huge header image, which has size about 1000×300 px! To me, it is pretty huge.

Actually Twenty Eleven theme would have almost similar theme options in the back-end, which I will post the screenshots later on, if you have a blog in, just switch your any current themes to Duster theme, to see how Twenty Eleven theme will look like.

For curious people, see the development of Twenty Eleven here.

Twenty Eleven Theme – Features and Theme Options in Video

When I first apply this theme in my local WordPress blog which I install offline, (related post, install wordpress offline), and see the cool theme options in the admin page, I was thinking “wow, this theme is cool, and has the options like Thesis theme“. Thesis theme is the best SEO theme to me, and I am using this theme in this blog.

Twenty Eleven Try Out Video:

From the video, here are some cool features of this theme which is not officially released yet. All features options you can find in “Appearance” tab.

twenty eleven

Appearance tab

1. The ShowCase widget in the sidebar.

twenty eleven

Showcase widget

Apart of having different widgets titles, this theme will have showcase widget, which can be used for showcase or presentation in your blog.

2. Menus, similar to Twenty Ten theme menu.

I have posted some videos, on how to change wordpress homepage in Twenty Ten, adding categories to navigation, and edit home label tutorials.

3. Theme Options, this option reminds me of Thesis theme option.

twenty eleven

Theme Options

Color Scheme: You can choose the dark or light background of the page.

Link Color: You can have any colors you want on the link, by default it has some kind of light blue color.

Layout : Content on left, content on right, and One-column, no sidebar options.

This is to modify the replacement on your content and sidebar in your blog, you can display the sidebar in the right, left or even hide it all.

4. Background, also similar to TwentyTen background options.

Some background related posts: Twenty Ten background image, change Twenty Ten background color.

5. Header option.

twenty eleven

Header Option

There are, Previews, Header image upload options which is quite huge, with 1000 x 300px dimension, and Twenty Ten has 940 x 198px size.

Default images, that you can choose one of them instead of uploading your own image from your computer.

Remove image and restore image options

On the Header Text option, you can choose to display the header text (site title and description) change its color, or even resetting it.

As I said in the video, I am excited to see the release of wordpress 3.2 and its default theme, Twenty Eleven theme.

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