Twenty Fourteen Child Theme

Another update of WordPress child theme creation.

This time, we are working with Twenty Fourteen theme, the default WordPress 3.8 .

Not different with other themes, the steps will be:

1. Go to WordPress Child Theme Codex page, copy and paste this text. You can also do it from here.

WordPress child theme codex

Copy and paste the red lined WordPress child theme codex.

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2. Create a folder, inside wp-content, you can access with FTP client like FileZilla, or access your CPanel directly. I created a “MyTwentyFourteen” as the child theme folder.

wp-content folder

wp-content folder

3. Create MyTwentyFourteen folder, create a file, called, style.css file.

style.css file

style.css file

Paste the selected text you copied from step 1 above.

style.css content

style.css content

Modify a few things if you think it’s necessary, like Theme URI, your name, etc.

You already created your Twenty Fourteen child theme!

In the demo, I change sidebar color to another blue color, with this code:

Just as a simple example.

Twenty Fourteen child theme

Twenty Fourteen child theme

Above is the site in the tutorial/video.

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    • says


      Did you create a folder inside wp-content as your child theme folder? You need to create it first, before you can choose it in your dashboard.

      Let me know if I can help you more.

      Kindly Kim.

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