Positioning Twenty Ten background Image

How to use twenty ten background image- can be applied in other themes.

I have created a tutorial how to add custom background option in your wordpress dashboard to change background color for your theme without editing css file and how you can add shadow, border as your twenty ten background’s color attribute.

Today i will show you in details of positioning twenty ten background image.

Steps to set twenty ten background image:

1. Prepare the image. You can either download it (careful with people’s work copyright) or create yourself.

2. Look for Appearance → Background, you will see this in your page:

twenty ten background image
Browse → Upload

3. Browse your image, click “open” and then “upload”.

4. Set the options which suits your need.

5. Click save settings and your blog will have image as a background.

Video Tutorial:

Twenty Ten background image as tile and no repeat.

By default, after upload the image you want to be twentyten background image, it is set to to “left” “no repeat” and “scroll”. The other options are not so important but the option which says, no repeat, tile, tile horizontally, and tile vertically is important.

When you set an image to be twenty ten background image as tile, it means this image will be repeated all over the page. This method is usually used when your image is in small size and not a full size screen background.

See the option i checked and the result image of twenty ten background image set to tiled:

tile background
"Tile" option.
result tile background image
Result if it is set to "tile".

When you set to “no repeat”, the image should be in a big size dimension, and you want it to appear as a full screen background image.

See the “no repeat” option is checked, and the result screenshot of the background page:

"No repeat" option.
twenty ten background image
Result of the "no repeat" option in your page.

There is a time, when you find the different between your image and background color that can make it more ugly, i use hexa color finder to have the match color.

See more about this problem in twenty ten background image video tutorial above.

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  1. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    Nice, I’ve not yet try this for me. Really cool to look. Just now I’ll try this. Thanks for sharing.