Twenty Ten- Delete “” Link In Meta

How to remove link in your wordpress 3 Meta that usually appears in your sidebar.

If you want to clean up your meta in the sidebar, mostly you also want to remove link.

You can however bookmark website before start to delete this link from your meta.

In this tutorial i am using Twenty Ten default theme, however it will work with another theme as well. link.

If you are still using older version which is 2.9.2, i have made two tutorials on how to edit this meta widget, and also to delete this link in wordpress file.

I have tested myself, and you can use mini meta plugin for this as well, see more here.

So here are the steps to delete this link permanently from wordpress 3.0 meta widget:

1. Backup quick your database.

2. Login to your cPanel, and click “File Manager” icon, hit “go”.

File Manager Icon.

3. Find “wp-includes” folder and click once.

wp-includes folder.

4. Look for “default-widgets.php”, select it, and click “Code Editor” above.

Open default-widgets.php file.

5. Go to line, 300, Remove this line of code:
<li><a href="" title="<?php echo esc_attr(__('Powered by WordPress, state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform.')); ?>"></a></li>

The code in line 300.

6.Click “Save Changes” button in the top right of your screen.

Click "Save Changes" after deleting the code.

Video Tutorial:

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