Twitter Follow Button |Add Twitter Follow Button To WordPress 2011 Tutorial

Twitter follow button – Another handy button from Twitter

Although I am not a fan of twitter, because I don’t have time for it and Twitter is over capacity sometimes.

However I am sometimes impressed with this social network, because apart of being one of the biggest social network websites, it offers many buttons to everyone, including Tweet buttons last year and a few days ago, it released a feature that we can use to add Twitter follow button in our wordpress blog.

Actually in this blog, I have a kind of a small “bird” icon, and I like that it is very simple, because I don’t want to have big images or big icons that can slow down my sites.

I even do not know how many people have been following me, and how many people I follow, I have just checked now, and I would not guess I have more followers than I follow people.

I hardly have time to be active in Social media websites, or forums, even blog commenting, because being a full time mom already requires times, especially when my kid is younger than 2.5 yo.

Definitely, once she is in Kindergarten, expected to be in the middle of this month, I can probably use this botton and other social network activities :)

Twitter Follow Button – Again, without plugin!

So many times, I do really want to use a plugin, I guess it is definitely very fast and save my time..

So I definitely agree if you are really busy to install a Twitter Follow button plugin and then activate, and bam, you will have your button without adding any code in your wordpress files.

But then again, this time, to add it in your blog does need really a few minutes, and it will be all done.

So I find that add twitter follow button manually is just better than installing another additional plugin in your dashboard.

Add Twitter Follow Button Video Tutorial and Steps

1. Visit the Twitter Follow Button web page.

The page will more and less look like this screenshot, you can modify the appearance, such as light or dark background.

twitter follow button

The twitter follow button page

So here I would fill in those options:

1. What’s your username? mrsmoodygermany

You can change the “mrsmoodygermany” to your username, it will also show you the preview of the result in the rightside.

2. What color background will be used? Dark or Light, personal preference, and in this demo, I choose “dark”.

3. Show follower count? Yes or No. If you tick yes, it will show the total of your followers.

4. Leave “English” as your language, unless you are using another languages.

In the right side, beneath the preview area, you will see there are some codes that you can copy.

Now, login to your admin page, and go to “Appearance” and then “Widgets”.

In the widget page, drag and drop “text” widget to your sidebar. (related: how to use widgets in wordpress 3 video tutorial)

That’s the simplest method to add Twitter follow button, although you can also add it directly to the php file, but in the text widget is the fastest, and simplest way.

What I mean by this is, you know where to delete the code, if one day you want to remove it.

And it will be done without taking any risk of error by deleting the wrong Twitter Follow button code that we have just added above.

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