UN60D7000 Review |Samsung UN60D7000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver)

UN60D7000 Review – Overview

This Samsung UN60D7000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver) is my very first slim LED HDTV as I wanted to upgrade from my old large TV to get up to date with the technology.

If you’re searching to get a new Television , I do not have to explain to you that it’s not really a simple choice these days since the marketplace is overloaded.

What you should buy , led tv? or Lcd?or even Plasma television? What is the most effective frequency rate in hertz , 100 is enough? or perhaps 200?

I know that you thought about some of these things.

After having a a number of looking around, I decided on purchasing this 60″ Samsung 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV 3 weeks ago. (Got it at $2,338 here)

Overall, I’m very pleased with my deal and listed below are my opinions.

Samsung UN60D7000 Specs and features

Design and style wise this Samsung UN60D7000 LED tv is real flat, truly slim, extremely stylish by having a great chrome finish holder stand.

Included with this Samsung LED HDTV is a QWERTY remote control which is used for the TV and the Internet and it is really not too difficult to use, buttons are perfectly sized, altogether is very good.

Power consumption, with all of settings and functions this silver Samsung 3D television has a really low consumption.

I have watched the television once the room was brightly lighted or even through the night with just one light on and had not even realized the surrounding lighting, this HD television is really well engineered about the lightning environtment.

You can also modify one of the included settings called, “movie tone” to get more maginificient pictures quality.

Sound quality, even though I personally use a home cinema device even to watch regular tv programs, the speaker systems which are built in are absolutely capable to provide enough volume as well as crystal clear sounds.

About the picture, you just have to turn it on , insert your bluray dvd or possibly a regular dvd, and you will be amazed!!


Samsung UN60D7000

The picture quality is totally spectacular! Try to remember the times you have been looking at the televesions in the stores, thinking about “now, this really is amazing!”.

With this 60″ 3D LED TV you will get exactly that feeling. The 240 hertz modern technology combined with backlight LED 1080p Full HD, 2D, 3D plasma display delivers lively, sharp and also true color graphics. Seriously, a dvd which has a film in the eighties looks incredibly crystal clear, just as if it was a modern new bluray movie.

About 3D feature, I have watched 3D films and the 3D effect is just stunning, especially with playing games, really great quality of graphics and it is really fun to watch 3D movies or playing games with this Samsung UN60D7000.

Speaking of playing games,, the most recent games for example call of duty, or black ops are created in 3D, and I can’t say how cool it really is to view the crosshair somewhere between myself and my LED tv, sort of hovering within the room and how terrific the “zombie” levels really look.


UN60D7000 Review – Summary

All in all, it is worth your money and I am extremely pleased with this Samsung UN60D7000 TV set, great display quality, elegant looks, lots of connectivity choices and also the 3D feature is superb, cannot recommend this tv highly enough.

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