Upload Media Icon in WordPress 3.3 Beta 1 – Only One Button!

Upload Media Icon in WordPress

Since wordpress version 2.9.2, that was the very first WP version I have ever used, I noticed there were always more than two buttons, and the current version that I am using it even uses “Add an Image”, “Add Video”, “Add Audio”, and “Add Media” whenever you want to add some media files into your blog.

Actually in WordPress 3.3 beta version 1 that is avaiable for everyone to download and test, I have also noticed a really huge difference on these buttons, but this huge difference is also easily discovered, since whenever a blogger write a post and then want to add or insert an image or any media files, they will definitely click this upload media button or icon.

Clicking Upload Media Button – Take care what you upload!

Clicking the upload media button is easy, and as I was as wp users for a few weeks or months, I upload everything I have, especially videos.

This can be seen by many videos that are hosted in my server. There is a good side and bad side of having videos hosted in our own servers, but it has more bad sides.

I am already planning to replaced them with YouTube hosted video, however I don’t have so much time lately. So someday I hope..

What I want to say, is hosting a video or two in your own server is still ok, but not too much, because it will make your storage so full..

Some of my old posts that are related to videos which might be interested to check out;

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Whatever media file formats you want to upload to your blog, be it, MP3 file, PDFs, Images, Videos or anything, they should be compressed first before you upload them.

This is because after compressing them, the size should be reduced and it increases the loading page speed of your blog and saving server storage of your webhost.

Upload Media Button is so much cleaner in WP 3.3 Beta

As I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, there were four of icons that you can use to add media files into your post.

upload media

Upload media - 4 buttons or icons (the old one)

But at least since the wordpress 3.3 beta version is released, there is only one icon or button with the label “Upload or Insert”, and when you hover it, it shows “Add Media”.

upload media

Only ONE media upload buttton in beta version of WP 3.3

When you click this single button, it will bring you to the old dialog box, but with new features, such as drag and drop features.

It is so much effective than the previous upload dialog box, that offer you options having flash or browser uploader that I hardly use, personally as a blogger.

With this one Upload media button or icon, you can upload any of your file, very fast and very efficient.

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