Upload Multiple WordPress Plugins

Upload Multiple WordPress Plugins.

How to upload your multiple or several plugins without using plugins.

When do we need to upload multiple WordPress plugins all at once?

well, in some cases, for example, you have just download more than one plugin zip file, then you need to upload multiple wordpress plugins to your webserver and then access them in your dashboard.

Those plugins are usually premium plugins that you have just bought somewhere, (e.g wprobot autoblog plugin) or the free plugins that are not listed in WordPress plugins directory.

There are many ways doing this, but i will just show you the easiest way to follow.

Video tutorial how to upload multiple WordPress Plugins:


1. Prepare the plugins.zip files in the desktop. (In this demo i will upload two zip plugin files).

2. Login to your cPanel, and find “File Manager”

3. Look for “wp-content” folder, and then click “plugins” folder.

4. Here, find “Upload” button, click it and it will enable you to browse your files in your PC/Mac.

5. Once those two zip files are uploaded in your server, select one by one, and click “Extract” button. (see image)

upload multiple=

Extracting the plugin one by one.

6. After you extract them, do not forget to delete the .zip files, to avoid people to download them from your server.

7. Now, after we did upload multiple wordpress plugins, you can access these plugins from your dashboard, and activate them if you want to.

For more clear explanation, watch the video tutorial how i upload multiple wordpress plugins all at once above :)

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