Upload Pdf to WordPress | How to upload Acrobat file to blog

Upload Pdf to WordPress — One of WordPress blog can do easily

Yesterday, one of my clients inspired this upload pdf to wordpress post.

She talked about how to upload pdf to wordpress blog in her site, and I think having an ebook in our blogs are pretty useful, both for your readers or customers, if it is done commercially.

Offering an elecetronic book in our blogs can actually have many benefits, we will discuss later on..

For some of you, you might think, “what can I share with a pdf file or ebook? I don’t have anything to share”. That’s totally not true, you can share about anything with your ebook..

It depends on your blog’s niche, you can create many e-books, let’s take example with this blog.

This blog niche is about wordpress blog newbies and video tutorial for beginners (please forget my technology post lol)

I can easily create an electronic guide book, about wordpress or anything about related topics.

To be honest, I have created one, but not yet 100% done.

So we now take a look at your blog, is it about travel blog? Create travel tips ebook!

Seems like a good idea isn’t? Share your niche’s tips with your reader..

Upload Pdf to WordPress — Benefits of E-Books?

If you want or wish to upload pdf to wordpress blog using this method, the ebook has to be distributed freely, I mean, everyone can download it with no cost.

Because it will be indexed by Google files, means, everyone can access your file if they found a .pdf file in Google search result page.

If it is for free, then it will be benefit for you to follow this step until the end.

So basically, and generally speaking, this short and simple tutorial is not really a good solution if you want to sell an electronic book.

If you want to sell them, and want people to purchase it before they can actually download the file, it is very recommended to upload into a folder via FTP (see related post: upload using FTP) and put noindex in your wordpress robots.txt file. The other alternative, you can use a merchant website to distribute your files, this will enable you to hide the download link from the original source file after you upload pdf to wordpress blog.

Upload Pdf to WordPress tutorial

How to upload pdf to wordpress? well, uploading an acrobat file to wordpress blog is easy like turning off wordpress comments, or adding images to wordpress.

So let’s get into the “upload pdf to wordpress” steps:

1. Login in to your dashboard.

2. Go to “Media” tab, and expand it.

3. Select, “Add New”

4. You will see “Upload New Media”.

5. Click “Select files” button, and browse to your file. Note, you must have a .pdf file first before following this step.

6. Copy “Link URL” address, see this following image

upload pdf to wordpress

important: the File URL


7. Now you can use that link to link to your ebook image or any download now buttons. (see putting about me sidebar tutorial to put an image link to your sidebar)

I hope this upload pdf to wordpress is going to be a little help.

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