Usage Of “PsExec” GUI Exe

What is PsExec? PsExec is a very powerful tool in Windows that you can get “Administrator” right which can be very useful for mass installation for example.

Have you ever had problems with some applications installation in many computers all at once?

Well there are ways to do this, one brilliant choice, you can use Microsoft SMS Server. The downside is, this application is very expensive.

But there is another alternative, It is using PsExec. This GUI will usually uses batch file (.bat) and to work, as replacement using “regedit” command as an administrator in windows.

Installing many applications with one click of a button is possible with PsExec by listing all the computer’s names in a batch file that first created as a .txt file.

Command Prompt.

Download PsExec.exe latest version:

Video how to use PsExec.exe (in German, and very strongly recommended only use this windows tool if you HAVE to, for beginner it is strongly not recommended.)

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