How To Use CommentLuv Enabled Sites For Backlinks

How to build backlinks by commentings in websites or blog which have CommentLuv plugin enabled.

Have you wondered why you don’t get Search Engines visitors? If you have been quite a while in blogging world, you must know how to get backlinks fast by commenting in a dofollow blogs. This will help your blog rank higher in Search Engines Result Page.

Of course you can still submit your posts to high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites too.

It is very recommended that you build links naturally, to avoid being flagged as spam in Google.

I mean, having new links 200-300 a day is too much.

To follow this tutorial, you should first be a member of CommentLuv site.

Because if you haven’t, you don’t have to follow this tutorial, the link to your post will be automatically added.

The downside if you are not registered is, you can only choose one link.

If you are registered, you will be able to choose which link you want to leave in the blog you have posted your comment.

See this image below, because i am registered, i can choose which post link i want.

Options of Post Links.

If you are already registered, notice when you post a comment the link URL will be like, “” instead of “”.

Watch my explanation video how you can waste your links if you don’t use this chance properly:

You may want to fix it with this awesome tutorial from

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