Use “”

Know more how to use Google SMS channels or to promote your blog’s content or get updates with any informations you need.

Google has another helpful service to connect people with the internet information updates.

It is Google SMS channels, which is only available to the folks in India.

What can exactly Google SMS channel do?

With Google SMS channel you can subscribe and get alert from Google channels, this will enable you to receive updates about technology updates, latest sport news and more from any RSS feeds, Google News or any sites via SMS.

Go to: and browse any topics you want to subscribe.

The other benefit for bloggers in India is, you can of course promote your blog’s content by having your own channel.

Want to use This blog has a step by step tutorial how to create a channel to distribute your content to other people in India via SMS.

Find more about what Google SMS channels and how to use it to promote your blog more here.

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