Video Blogging – Is It Really A Trend Now?

Video Blogging – It seems to be trend right now

Video blogging or v-blogging seems to be a trend on the Internet. I guess it, because I have just visited a gian news website and it shows now a video in every posts.

Actually I saw a notification in my Alexa toolbar about “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s scandal, and Mildred Patricia Baena” news are a hot topic nowadays, so I just click that link.

I did not expect to see videos though, therefore, I was a bit surprised with the videos as well as of course, the advertisement for the introduction :(

At the beginning, I saw it in Yahoo news, and now seems to be in every news site.

As a blog owner who also posts some videos, I guess there are really some advantages as well as disadvantages of creating a video blogging websites.

Also depends on the niches, and the visitors need, video blogging can really be a great advantage to make your blog popular or even earn some money online.

Video Blogging – Advantage and Disavantage

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, surely if you own a video blogging can bring both advantages and disadvantages.

To run video blogging myself, I can clearly mentions some advantages and disadvantages that I gain from a video blogging site.

Some advantages of video blogging:

1. More interesting post or article

Since we know, there are billions and billions of people in the world who love to watch televisions, having video blogging can be related to offline-television.

As a frequent internet browser myself, I love to be in a post where I can watch the video a bit rather than in a boring text, especially if it is a long page.

From this point, movies can really spice up our websites.

video blogging

2. Those videos are probably what your visitors need.

I guess this won’t happen to anyone, but it will definitely happen when you offer some informations, help or tutorials.

There are really some people who were just like me, at the first day, I started to install wordpress in this blog, know nothing.

And of course, where will they run to? Google, they will look for informations via Google, until they find informations that they really need. (related: make a blog popular).

I still remember the first time, I submitted one of old video tutorials to Reddit, ( I don’t do it anymore now, as I am having enough traffic, see more in 1000 visitors a day), someone asked, “Do I have to watch a video to fix it?”..At that moment, I soon realized some people choose a simple tutorial, and some people need some visuals guide, because there are quite lot of people who say the videos are helpful to them.

3. Multiple submit to video sharing sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

What I am saying is, when you have published your own movies in your blog, you can also submit them to those sharing sites.

This is a great way to have more popularity and exposures, as well as website traffic from those sites, besides your Google traffic.

Now some disadvantages of video blogging:

1. Site loading speed.

This is the big mistake I have made in a few months beginning of my blogging journey last year. I hosted them in my webhost, and surely the loading speed was very slow.

Even now, if I compare a post which does not have the vids, and the other post which has a vid, there are huge different of seconds of website loading speed.

Let’s say, the one with YouTube video, when I load it, it will first connect to YouTube server, to display the picture and the whole movie duration until it gets 100% loaded.

So this is one of those disadvantages.

2. Time consuming.

You will really need extra time to create those movies. Very different when you just write your posts, optimize them, and you will be done in about roughly 10 minutes.

If you are non-English native speaker probably longer, just like me.

But writing is definitely more quick than creating a video yourself. Planning to display copyrighted videos? I don’t recommend it.

Video Blogging – If you want to start it

There is one thing that I learnt from my mistake, avoid to host too much videos in your webhost, use YouTube or Vimeo instead, and then add the video to your post.

This way, not only sparing the space, but you also decrease the slowness of your video blogging website.

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