View Facebook Profile as Someone Else or as Others see it

View Facebook Profile as Someone Else

A couple weeks ago, when Facebook (FB) has difference layout, there was a button which actually you can click if you want to view Facebook profile as someone else, or how others will see your FB profile.

So more and less it is like previewing your own profile if you were another person, can be one of your friends.

I have actually found this “view Facebook profile as someone else” features when I set some options to a custom setting.

I wanted to show my pictures on my account to people that I customize. This means, I select my FB friends name, I choose which friends can view those photos, and others don’t. (related: find facebook friends by email)

This is because I want some of my pics only viewable to specific people.

The button to view Facebook profile as someone else is now gone?

Just a few days ago, I realized that the “view Facebook profile as someone else” button is somehow not in the place where I first found.

I guess this is because FB has another new appearance and privacy settings again. I personally it’s a bit confusing, and I couldn’t find the same button as I used to like and use to customize the settings where I can control which people can view my pictures.

In previous settings, this button could be found when you are in a privacy settings page, and choose the “custom” mode for viewing your Facebook profile pictures or images and even your album.

Surprisingly, you can easily view Facebook profile as someone else!

I have never thought to preview your Facebook profile as others see it is very easy and can be done by a single click of single button, without going to the privacy settings and such.

Here are the simple steps how to preview our FB profiles as others see it;

1. First of all, you will need to login to your Facebook account.

2. Right after logged in, you need to look at the top right of your account’s page, and click “profile” tab. You will see then your profile page.

3. Then there is a the button where you have to find (screenshot), which is labeled, “View as”.

view facebook profile as someone else

The "View As" button

4. Once you clicked the “View as” button, you will see this box, where you can type your friend’s name, and then click again the View As button.

view facebook profile as someone else

Type one of your friend's name

You will finally be someone or a friend who you typed the name in the box, viewing your own profile.

This “view Facebook profile as someone else” feature is one of the great FB features and options that I really love.

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