ViewSonic PJD5123 Review |SVGA DLP Projector 120Hz/3D Ready, 2700 Lumens, 3000:1 DCR

ViewSonic PJD5123 Review – At Glance

I have been an avid movie goer for the last years, and searching for a new home theater projector for my home entertainment after my old one, a projector that I bought in 2006 does not work anymore.

It was really a good unit to present corporation conferences, meetings, etc. I was very happy at playing games on a bigger screen, watching TV, movies and the like, but unfortunately it served me for only 5 years.

I finally purchased this ViewSonic PJD5123 projector eventhough it has a real limitation, which is the absence of an HDMI.
viewsonic pjd5123
But with the HDMI included and same other features, other units will cost double the price, so I can’t complain about purchasing a $300 projector, and not $2000 product.

I am very pleased with it, especially for the price point.

Out of the box, set this unit up, and I turned off the lights, and projecting in about 10 minutes…wow. Even on my white painted wall in the garage, the color and image was amazing.

While I was on the couch and waited for the projector to perform its projecting thing, I was a bit worried, because I thought the color and image quality would be reduced while it’s being around 23 feet distance, and generates about a 155 inch screen. (at 16:9 aspect ratio).

I was truly amazed, it produces fantastic color and image, nearly as excellent as my TV, it really put a big smile on my face.

ViewSonic PJD5123 specs, features, and limitations

Playing games is absolutely a joy since the image quality is very sharp and incredibly crisp, the color is very stable and it has superb viewing angles, even in the daylight where there were shades.

Watching movies is incredible experience, you would swear you feel like you were in your local cinema, yes, it is that great.

viewsonic pjd5123

Unlike some typical front projector I have ever used, this ViewSonic projector is more quiet, I could not even tell it was running, especially when it was running on low lamp setting.

The most important is the user manual, it’s very helpful, and deep, giving you possibilities to customize or tweak your own settings which you can modify yourself differently as you wish.

Learning the manual is optional because it’s running very well with the default settings out of the box, however if you learn a bit about your new projector, you will have more options with your device, which is nice.

Drawbacks or disappointment? I don’t have many, but I have to mention that this projector does not have HDMI and it is definitely not a 3D PS3 (PlaySation 3) projector, but I don’t expect a $300 price range projector to be one.

So if you look for a 3D video games projector or a projector that has HDMI, you will have to pay double price or more..

ViewSonic PJD5123

ViewSonic PJD5123 Review – Summary

In conclusion, if you are looking for a nice projector that costs under $400, this ViewSonic PJD5123 projector is definitely worth to consider. ViewSonic PJD5123 projector has really exceeded my expectations and better.

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