“Visit Site” Button Link In WordPress 3.0 Dashboard

How to display “Visit Site” button link of WordPress 3.0 version dashboard which is missing or gone.

At first when i upgraded my wordpress blog, i immediately noticed that the “visit site” button is not in my dashboard bar anymore. I thought i missed something on the upgrade proccess, but it went absolutely smooth without problems.  In this point, if you notice this as well, do not worry, because this link is by default removed.

So this wordpress 3.0 tutorial is going to guide you if you want to display this “Visit Site” button in your dashboard admin page. As usual, it is always recommended to back up all your files, or much better if you install wordpress in local machine, (video guide for windows users, and mac users) and try this post in your local wordpress blog. When it succeeds, you can apply it to your online blog.

Here are the steps how i display “Visit Link” button in my wordpress 3.0 dashboard:

1. Go to the folder where you installed wordpress, locate “wp-admin” find “admin-header.php” file. Open this file, and go in the line 112.

2. Add This code: <em id="site-visit-button">Visit Site</em> before the </span>. So at the end, the final code will look like this (also see image):

<span id="site-title"><?php echo $blog_name ?><em id="site-visit-button">Visit Site</em></span>

3. Click “Save Changes” and refresh your dashboard. It should show “Visit Site” link button, but we need to stylize it.

4. Next step is we go back to our folder and locate “dashboard.css” this css file is in wp-admin/css/dashboard.css. Open this file and add this line of code, right in the beginning of the file and Click “Save Changes”.

#site-visit-button{background-color:#585858; color:#aaa;text-shadow:#3F3F3F 0 -1px 0; margin-left:20px; font-size:12px; padding:2px 5px;}

5. Refresh your admin dashboard and now you have “Visit Site” button link in your wordpress 3.0 dashboard that almost similar to the older version.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me or ask in comment area, thank you and i hope you enjoy the button of your dashboard. :)


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