Vizio 8 Tablet Review |VIZIO 8-Inch Tablet with WiFi – VTAB1008 8″

Vizio 8 Tablet Review – VTAB1008 Tablet with WiFi

Before buying this VTAB1008 Vizio 8 tablet, I actually compared several products with similar specs, and prices (ViewSonic G Tablet for instance), before choosing this unit.

After using this Vizio 8 tablet, I was impressed with the my experience!

I’ve tried the iPad, it is a very fun device, but I am really anti iTunes.

I cannot stand the concept of working with a software to sync my datas and applications to the tablet.

Together with the point that the iOS does not support flash. (got this unit for $198.99)

Vizio 8 Tablet Review – Specs and Features

The main reason why I bought this Vizio 8 tablet was it has a 8″ screen, smaller than a 10″ table, so it’s more portable, watching movie and reading Kindle books with one hand is real nice.

I usually use the landscape mode to read books, newspaper and surfing internet.

What I wanted was a device that could work with my emails, and accessing informations online on the Internet while I am on the road.

For the internet, the Wi-Fi does a good job, it works very well.

After quickly setting up my home and work wireless I connect to, I was connected automatically anywhere I have this tablet, and I have no monthly cost!

The best feature, and that I also hope this will get better with the coming updates, is the universal remote control that is built-in with the Vizio 8 tablet.

vizio 8 tablet

VIZIO 8-Inch Tablet with WiFi - VTAB1008

I can get this tablet remote to work with my Home theather components such as my Panasonic Blu-ray, TV etc (they are not even Vizio’s products).

This Vizio 8 tablet universal remote makes life easier since I do not need to use one remote on each of my 6 electronic devices at home.

The screen quality is very good, I haven’t had any issues with viewing angles, but I’d agree it is a finger prints magnet (afterall, it’s a touchscreen). I recommend to use a micro sham towel to clean your touchscreen quickly.

Battery life happens to be great, I can get around 8 hours, depending on what I’m doing, when I use it to play games or watch videos intensively, I get around 4 hours, however it does take a quite while to charge it back.

In terms of downsides, it comes with an older Android operating system, which is 2.3 Gingerbread, but I will not use it as my laptop’s replacement, so I can live with it.

The VIZIO 8-Inch Tablet with WiFi – VTAB1008 is not an iPad and I decided to get it because iPad lacked a few things that I need such as viewing flash content and restricted App or software experience.

The Vizio 8 tablet can access the Android market, and I have not any problems with installing or rendering an app. I even downloaded and installed Netflix, and it played great! Haven’t tried Hulu yet, since I am not a fan of it anyway.

vizio 8 tablet

Vizio 8 Tablet Review – Summary

To summarize, I’m really pleased with the VIZIO 8-Inch Tablet with WiFi – VTAB1008 purchase.

Would I recommend this to anyone? the answer will be a yes and a no. If you need a really top of the line tablet, then no, but if you want a 8″ tablet that does not cost you much, then yes.

Vizio 8 tablet has a perfect screen size, the touch screen is responsive, in fact, it surprisingly performs much better than I expected.

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