W3 total cache slash url problem fix

W3 total cache slash url problem — How i found it out.

Since i have submitted this blog to Google webmaster tool, it is one of my habit to check weekly how this blog is in my webmaster tool account.

If you have not submitted your blog yet, feel free to check one of my video tutorial which is, submitting sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

Google webmaster tool is very helpful if you want to see performance of your blog, including keywords, or duplicate content analysis.

My favourite is checking how fast my blog loading speed, and how many URLs of my blog posts which are indexed in Google search engine.

These two are my favourite features that when i checked my account, i will definitely look into those two point first, before checking another features.

There is also some reports about malwares or malicious codes which can be inserted in your blog that Google webmaster tool can detect.

See how to use wp security scan plugin to scan your wordpress files preventing malicious code to be inserted. Also important to use clean plugins and themes that are downloaded from your dashboard, and not from random external websites. (unless they are known to be reliable).

See how we can install wordpress plugin from dashboard video post.

So back to my W3 total cache slash url problem, i was very surprised to have 10 posts which have duplicate meta descriptions.

And this was caused by W3 total cache slash, see the screenshots below.

As you can see, i have the slash “/” problems. Means when i click one of my post, which is in the screenshot, http://www.blog.web6.org/autoblog-niches-tips/

and http://www.blog.web6.org/autoblog-niches-tips they will end on the same page, and not redirected. It was w3 total cache slash issue.

w3 total cache slash
Duplicate content issues slash problems in webmaster tool.

This is why Google webmaster tools remind me of this matter, about w3 total cache slash problem, duplicate meta descriptions on those posts.

W3 total cache slash problems — What i have done after i found it out.

Like when i got wordpress internal server error page, i immediately deactivate all of my best blog plugins, including my best wordpress widgets.

I deactivate them one by one, and then reactivate them one by one again, and check if the w3 total cache slash problem still remained.

Weird, i have found out that, when i am logged out from my blog, the problem is there, but when i am logged in, the problem is gone.

So i immediately check my W3 total cache options and settings. I could not be sure what it was, but i deactivate it since its very easy to do it (see my review w3 total cache vs wp super cache post).

When i deactivated w3 total cache, my W3 total cache slash url problem was gone.

I did google research about it, and found this helpful thread on wordpress support forum.

W3 total cache slash URL problem — How i fix it.

From the forum above, i finally could fix my problem, and waiting for webmaster tool update now.

It is also important when you check webmaster tool, you should look at the date when that page is updated. It is slow updating, i reckon.

So here is what i did.

1. I go to my dashboard, to w3 total cache settings which is labeled “Performance”

w3 total cache slash
Performance tab.

2. Then, “General Settings”, and set my “page cache” as basic disc from disk enhanced.

w3 total cache slash
Choosing basic instead Disk enhanced

Click Save setting button.

And it works now as usual.

I hope this method also help you if you have this w3 total cache slash problem.

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  1. funwidmasti says

    hi, can u tell me how can i get back my cached option on google search page for my blog funwidmasti.com..???

  2. Spunky Jones says

    There has been a lot of problems from what I can tell with the W3 Total Cache plugin. I think the plugin might be a little unstable at the moment.

    Looks like Yoast, might not be using the plugin anymore. In the past he suggested the plugin and even did a video. If you look at yoast.com, you’ll see that W3 Total Cache isn’t listed in his page source code from what I see.

    My Google listings got very weird. ns1.yourdomain.com and mail.yourdomain.com. Therefore, my PageRank got split. Not sure if W3 Total Cache created the problem.