w3 total cache vs wp super cache [Video review]

W3 total cache vs wp super cache, wordpress plugins.

From the first day, i have started this blog, i haven’t had any cache plugins, until i started to get 1000+ visitors a day, i considered of using cache plugins.

Hearing about w3 total cache vs wp super cache plugins pros and contras, i decided to try wp-super-cache.

More info, see how to install wordpress plugin tutorial.

wp-super-cache is a famous cache plugin in wordpress blogging world, almost everyone recommend it.

W3 total cache vs wp super cache, my own experiments.

After i installed wp super cache in this blog, one day, i deactivated it because i want to know if it was no difference using cache plugins and without cache plugins.

I wanted to test how this blog loads if i don’t use wp super cache. Result, there was an error while deleting process.

Too bad, because i should read the readme.txt file on the plugin to deactivate it. But of course, i didn’t blame myself, because so far, it’s very easy to deactivate and delete any plugins which i have ever installed.

At that time, i haven’t tried w3 total cache, only wp super cache. So for me, w3 total cache vs wp super cache question wasn’t answered yet, but definitely, i wanted to avoid wp super cache.

I have also noticed that wp super cache caused thumbnails problems, they did not show.

w3 total cache vs wp super cache

w3 total cache vs wp super cache — Deleting wp super cache error message.

W3 total cache vs wp super cache, which one is better?

From my experience above, from the day i deleted wp super cache, and i had an error in my dashboard, i try another cache plugins, which is definitely w3 total cache.

I was quite satisfied with this plugin. For non-techie blogger like me, deactivate, and deleting plugin easily is a must requirement for any plugins i want to install.

W3 total cache vs wp super cache video review:

w3 total cache vs wp super cache, i recommend w3 total cache, because of these following reasons:

1. w3 total cache is very easy to install, deactivate, and delete. Just click the usual deactivate, and delete links and it will be deleted.

There are times when you want to deactivate or deleting your plugins, because of many reasons. For me, i usually do this when something goes wrong with my blog, i want to know whether some plugins cause some errors.
Also as i reckon from wordpress.org support forum while upgrading to newer version, some people got problems after upgradingdue to troublemaker plugins.

wp super cache is quite complicated to deactivate, it has a special way to deactivate. Of course w3 total cache saves time.

2. I have noticed when i use wp super cache, made some changes in my sites, and i check the changes in front-end, i didn’t see the changes, it needs a while until other people can see the changes.

When i was logged in as an admin, i can see the changes i have made. weird. I have noticed other people have this problem too.

3. w3 total cache has more features than wp super cache plugins, like minify alls scripts you have, and caching options.

These 3 reasons i definitely want to use to recommend w3 total cache for you to try. ( with your own risk.)

That was my w3 total cache vs wp super cache review.

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