Warning: Invalid argument supplied Thesis Theme WordPress

Warning: Invalid argument supplied Error on Thesis theme

Yesterday, when I logged in to this blog, I was a bit surprised with this Warning: Invalid argument supplied error message with my Thesis theme, that I personally vote as a best seo wordpress theme.

Before seeing this notification, I really have not changed any files or codes in the theme files.

This notification actually showed up right after I logged in to my admin dashboard.

The message appears on the top of my dashboard, and when I visit my site, it was totally plain white, appeared to be loosing all of the css styles that are applied to the template.

Of course I had absolutely no idea why this happened since, apart of not doing any changes, I also pay “not cheap” vps hosting monthly, so I didn’t dare it was caused my host.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in

Usually, when I encountered problems, issues or weird stuff that happens with this blog, I mostly took screenshots and then posted an article about it, but I somehow forgot it :)

So I can’t remember the exact error message lines, but more and less like this:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in xxxx

The xxxxx refers to your Thesis files path in your wordpress webhosting..

Warning: Invalid argument supplied – Mine was fixed this way

I would like to say, every blogs have different plugins, or even webhosting, so this problem can be caused be several things and reasons.

Anyhow, my issue was fixed because I “emptied all cache” under W3 Total Cache‘s setting.

Here is the screenshot of the button:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied

I clicked this button and it was fixed

After I clicked that button, my admin page went back to the usual appearance before the problem occured, and when I refreshed my front end blog, the css style went back as usual.

However this fix to the Warning: Invalid argument supplied error of Thesis theme might not help everyone, since as I mentioned before, we definitely have different plugins installed, files and so many things which might not work the same as my blog.

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