What Does Poke Mean On Facebook

How does poke work and what does a poke mean on Facebook?

Facebook has become the most visited website on the Internet. I am sure most of you use facebook.

Some of us may notice that sometimes there is a message shows up that someone pokes us on facebook.

This message will be gone if we poke this person back. It will goes on until one of these two people stops to poke. Funny sometimes.

How do we poke someone on Facebook?
View his/her page and there will be poke button.

But what exactly poke mean on Facebook?

If someone pokes you, it means he or she says a “hello”, it is a poke, a nudge.

For some people, poking means that they want your attention, or to annoy us.

Poke button.

If you do not know them, it can mean that they want to add you as their friends.

Does that make sense?

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  1. says

    Used “poke” on a girl I knew back in school once. She kinda misunderstood that one and went on ignoring me. So I guess people really aren’t sure what poking is about..

    • says

      Ya, can be intrepreted differently. Depends on whom you poke and the mood of this person while you poke them lol.

      Thanks for stopping by Ken!.

  2. says

    LOL! Perhaps the most misunderstood facebook feature. I think the facebook guys should really change “poke” to “hi”. That’d be much better :D .

    • says

      Ahaha yeah, good idea Gloson, that would be so clear for everyone.

      So none would not have misunderstanding if they got poked.

      Thanks for coming by dude, and see you around :D

    • says

      Hey Raphnexx,

      I guess it also depends on who did poke you :)

      Perhaps, getting attentions, which is great, or spamming, which is also possible.

      Thanks for leaving a comment :)

  3. says

    “Poke” could be a way of flirting with someone. (Because there is a group on facebook that says stop; poking me & just kiss me)
    “Poke” could also be saying hi but no having enough time to chat,

  4. Briguy says

    If a girl pokes you she wants to have se***x with you… if a guy pokes a girl and she pokes back they will have se*****x

  5. Rhi De Luxe says

    Does a poke automatically appear if you go and look at someone’s profile without commenting or liking something? kind of as if to say “Rhi was here”?

    Is it something you manually have to do … ie: actually sending a poke, commenting on a photo etc?

    I am struggling to understand how it works.

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