What I use

What I use for this blog;

On Page Tools

I have run this blog, which is also my main blog for more than 2 years now, and this is my very first blog, so to me, it’s amazing period to grow, also to maintain a website.

There are definitely ups and down circumstances that I have encountered this far, and I do really learn many many things.

Some of them are positives and some of them are negatives.

what i use

Due to my limited time to maintain this blog (since I am busy with my family), and being “unlucky” to do outsourcing, I have been a bit away from the blog quite a while.

However, I plan to add many pages in this blog, other than creating “wordpress version” page a few weeks ago.

This page will likely be a page where I write about tools, softwares, and any things I need to blog this far, started two years ago, until present.

To make this blog alive and active, I am currently using many things such as some free or premium theme, plugins, and many other resources.

I have posted about best blog plugins I am currently using for this blog, and many other blogs, and some web hosts comparison posts, starting from JustHost vs HostGator, or my personal BlueHost 2012 review, or even three web host comparisons, which is BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost posts.

To summarize what I use except wordpress, in this blog, I use these stuff:

1) VPS hosting I am currently using, ServInt
2) Premium SEO theme, Thesis theme, find my post about this theme in this Best WordPress SEO theme entry
3) Best autoblog plugin, WP-Robot, which I don’t recommend you to build your main blog with this plugin, this plugin is helpful ONLY if you want to run many automatic blog

What I use for this blog; Off Page Tools

Apart of On Page tools as I mentioned above, I also use some tools, like computer, iPhone and other resources to write my own posts.

For the computer, I am using both Windows PC and Mac systems, although I am now more into Mac computer.

What I use is iMac MC309LL A Model which is operating Mac Lion OS X, and a Windows based computer, using Windows Vista, also a Windows 7 based laptop.

Why am I using so many computers and laptop? I sometimes question this myself too, but I am glad I have a chance to experience both Operating System, Windows and Mac OS, and I would probably try Ubuntu in the future, to experience it as well.

To tell the truth, I have once installed Ubuntu in a Virtual machine, but to me, it was too confusing, not too many programs run on this cool popular open source Operating System.

Since then, I have not switched back to Ubuntu, but I am very interesting to try it as well.

Then working with Windows Vista PC is so far great, just a few drawbacks which I find not too bad, although I have often heard many people say, Vista is not too good operating system.

Because the first desktop I purchased before building this blog was a Windows Vista machine, I am so used to it, even sometimes, I admit there are a few issues with opening some programs.

I have enjoyed my Vista computer so much that I have wanted to re-install my Win 7 laptop with Vista OS.

I have not done it until today, and as soon as I am used to work with my Win 7 laptop, I notice there is a big improvement of performance and other factors from Vista to Windows 7.

Lastly, not so long time ago, I have bought an 21.5″ iMac after I sold my older MacBook Pro. I have not decided to wait until the new Mac 2012 is out, because I wanted to have a DVD drive on my iMac.

Although not sure if Apple includes DVD drive in the new coming iMac, I am happy with my current iMac.

The big issue that I have found until today using Mac system is some of my old applications run only on Windows machine.

A few examples of those applications are mostly IM (Internet Marketing) tools. They are almost 99% only running on your PCs.

You probably think right now, “why don’t you run them on Parallel Desktop or that kind of application?”, I did it.

But I have then noticed a slight performance reduction on my system, plus I feel weird opening windows on a box somehow.

To Summarize what I use Off Page of this blog:

1) Windows Vista Dell Home Desktop
2) Windows 7 HP g6 series laptop
3) iMac MC 309LL model
4) LG Matte Monitor

Honestly, I have a cool office where I can work at home, and I do enjoy my blogging world with those tools what I use right now, what are yours?