I use iMac MC309LL A 2011 Model

iMac MC309ll; iMac that I use.

First of all, I want to welcome you to this page, and I am really glad that you’re stopping by, thank you for staying this far!

Let’s start this post by saying that I was very excited to write this post, because of my iMac MC309LL A Model, since it’s my first Mac desktop that I have ever had or purchased, I want to share my experience of new user of a Mac desktop, especially the experience of switching PC to mac system.

From the Operating System itself, which is Mac OS, I am quite familiar since I had an old MacBook Pro which I bought years ago, and sold it again around two years ago.

I sold it because to me, using a Mac and a PC at the same time was quite frustating. I will definitely let you know my reason why I am at the moment using a Macintosh based desktop later on.

Since the day, I got my Mac 309LL desktop, I am using this desktop to do my daily computing work, especially blogging and other stuff.

Without a doubt, if you are also new to Mac, you will find some difference here and there.

I still remember the day one I use Lion Operating system (the recent OS when this post is written.)

Back to the iMac model that I am using, which is 309LL model.

imac mc309ll
imac mc309ll

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This 21.5 inch iMac 2011 model which was released on middle of 2011 last year made me fall in love! The dangerous part, I can’t stay away too long from my computer LOL, it’s not because it’s fairly new, but I really love to use it, which is great.

My own impression and iMac MC309LL/A review;

In terms of Appearance, it’s incredible. What I mean, the very first impression that amazes me, and made me regretting not to get this machine much earlier, was the simplicity and elegant look.

I will post the picture of it, standing next beside my Windows based home desktop.

From the screenshot, you should see a lot of cables or cords everywhere. Well, they all belong to my PC desktop.

And my iMac has only one cord to plug in for the electricity power. (yes, just one cord, nothing else!).

From the front part of the desktop, this iMac MC309LL looks luxury, and very nice. Only one thing that I would prefer here, is the matte screen.

This computer comes with glossy screen that I wish it was a matter screen.

I am not sure why, but perhaps my PC monitor was a matte one, and coming from a matte screen to a glossy one, I do notice the difference for the eyes.

It is definitely not a biggy since I am using the desktop indoor, and not outdoor. Then again, nowadays, most computers and laptops come with glossy screen.

Reasons why I bought this iMac 2011 and not wait until the new Mac 2012 lines released

I have been thinking to start using a Mac system long time ago. Then the year 2012 is now here, everyone expects for the release date of Mac products in 2012, however, I also heard, they might eliminate the DVD drive from iMac lines.

If this happens, I would really like to have a DVD drive on my iMac, this is why I decided to buy it.

If at the end, when the new line comes, and I feel I really want it, I can sell this one and get the new one, remember, the re-selling value is incredibly high for macs computers.

iMac MC309LL/A Specs and Ports

Mine comes with 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor (Quad-core), 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB Hard drive ( at 7200RPM), AMD’s Radeon 6750M for the graphics, and the LED backlit widescreen has 16:9 Aspect ratio.

It has a DVD drive and SD card slot which are located on the right side of the computer, and the 4x USB 2.0 ports, 1xFW 800 port, built-in stereo speakers, 1x new Thunderbolt port, mini DisplayPort, headphone sets slots, and ethernet port.

It also supports Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. All of these features are packed in all in one desktop, which I personally think, the best desktop I have ever own.

What in the box was the iMac machine, the cord, Magic Mouse, and wireless keyboard, also some included documents and guides.

At first, because I was used to the PC computers, I thought, I have to purchase a separate Windows DVD to have a non-English computer system language and to re-install the operating system in the machine.

Surprisingly, you can choose your language in the first computer start up, and reinstall iMac using the recovery disc which is already built-in.

So when you purchase a Mac, the first thing you do with it, is plug-in the power cord, and press the power button behind the screen, and turn it on.

It will then install the Operating System, which is now Lion OS X.

But before the installation process, you are allowed to choose your own language (it doesn’t matter where you live, you won’t need to purchase a non-English OS DVD)

This is very different than in a Windows laptop, because they have usually their operating system installed, and once we need another language version, we need to purchase the specific DVD installation which supports your language.

One more thing that I have to point out here is the software that are pre-installed, there are NO bloatware on a mac like in Windows.

Once is installed, you will have a clean system, plus the iPhoto, GarageBand, and iMovie. (I wish it was a complete iLife though, but they are ok, better than nothing at all, or even unnecessary bloatware).

In my case, because I have never had an iMac before, I found it was kind of confusing to find some important buttons, including the power button, so very important you read the included guide books.

iMac MC309LL/A Performance

Honestly, I find that the entire machine is amazing, and I fall in love with it, and will not switch back to my PC.

I can now forget the frustrating moments when an application or a program hangs while loading, because there is no hanging applications on Mac.

Every application is loading swiftly and opening fast, thanks to the i5 Intel processor. There is no .dll file or some other files which we don’t know what they are for.

Everything tends to be clean and more organized.

I am sure you will love this iMac MC309LL A model like I do, feel free to leave questions if you have any in the comment form below.