What Is The Difference Between Dual Core Vs Core 2 Duo

A quick explanation about the difference between A Dual Core vs Core 2 Duo and which one is better.

If we are talking about our PC’s CPU, we have to know that AMD and Intel are different. However Computers have CPU which has 2 Cores.

About naming, it is almost similar to AMD’s X2 Series, Intel name its model as Dual core. And the new family, they name it Core 2 Duo. Core 2 Duo has higher cache, so the performance is way faster compared with older family.

Dual Core processors are made to divide the cores as it hass less cache.
Based on my experience, as i love musics and keeping old videos from digital camera, plus lots of softwares and programs, my anti virus, don’t forget my vista updates, dual core will make it slower.

I know it is also depending on what you are doing with your computer but i would still go for Intel Core 2 Duo. As most of us know, that intel is way more reliable. Give me feedback if you don’t agree :)

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