What’s New With Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A

Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A is one of Apple products that is known as a very innovative laptop designed with creative design, featured with a lot of powerful capabilities, constructed together thoughtfully to be a compact powerful laptop which can satisfy its users and still being eco friendly laptop.

There is a long story whenever we discuss about the newest 13 inch Apple laptop, which is also called Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A in the market. Looking at the technical specifications, this MacBook Pro model still has the aluminum unibody enclosure like the previous models. The solid Aluminum block covers the new Mac Pro model which is also becoming the factor that makes Apple laptops different than other brands.

Creating a laptop which has aluminum unibody seems to be more complicated but it was absolutely worth doing it, since the aluminum metal look gives MacBooks family durability and they become the most stylish and most thin laptops in mobile computer industry. This newest 13 MacBook Pro 2012 model has 12.78 x 8.94 x 0.95 inches dimension (WxDxH) with 4.5 pounds weight.

Apple MacBook Pro 2012 New Features

In this newest 2012 MacBook Pro edition, there are a few internal hardware which is upgraded, such as the CPU, graphic processor, and many more. One small example is the new Intel HD 4000 intregated graphic processor, which offers faster graphics system performance of the older MacBook family, consuming the same prolonged battery life.
MacBook Pro MD101LL/A
Inside the Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A, you will discover the newest Intel’s Processor, the Ivy Bridge, 2.5 GHz i5 Intel dual-core processor, 500GB hard drive, 4 GB of fast RAM which is upgradable, 2 USB 3.0 ports, Thunderbolt port, Intel HD 4000 Graphics, Bluetooth 4.0, fast DVD drive, one SDXC card slot, Built-in HD 720p FaceTime HD camera which can be used to video conference, built-in microphone and stereo audio speakers, wireless compatibility, and up to 7 hours battery life.

Still including the Mac OS X Lion operating system with many cool Mac applications such as the Garageband, iPhoto, iMovie, packed as the iLife which can be useful for the users.

In addition, the LED backlit 13.3 inch widescreen display is still used to give you best computer viewing experience in a super thin laptop. With this thin laptop, you will still be able to have maximum viewing angle on your screen with high brightness and less distraction.

With the trackpad, Apple still offers the best laptop trackpad with the perfect sensitivity level which has glass surface and smoother trackpad finish designed thoughtfully by their engineers. The tracjpad supports multi-touch features, such as pinching, zooming swiping and even the 4 finger swiping feature.

Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A

Lastly, we will find again, the backlight keyboard keys which is helpful to help users having convenience typing experience whenever they are working with their MacBook Pro laptop in a darker environments.


Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A is one of the best portable laptops available, the price is ranging differently, depending on your configuration and the store price.

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    It’s indeed a must-have if you fancy something cool.

    However, the learning curve if you’re new to Mac OS should be considered carefully too.

    There are some PC programs you can’t use