When Java Applet On Lion Doesn’t Work

Java Applet didn’t work or launch – switching from PC to a Mac, some things change slightly, and I learn new stuff everyday.

Today, I wanted to download a YouTube video via KeepVid, but somehow it didn’t work.

This task is always done easily with my Windows based desktop, so I wonder why Lion didn’t lauch the Java Applet. (related: Library on Lion)

I searched in Google, firstly, I landed on “Java” website, and it shows me that I had to install Java application, by clicking “Apple” icon on the top left, and then click “Software Updates”.

I did all of these, but it brought me a software update window, however, there was no “Java” there, only iTunes update.

Download Java is the first step to run Java Applet

Then I keep Googling around, and I found out that I can install it from Apple itself.

So I installed manually from Java Applet Lion from Apple. (click the link to access the download page)

Click “Download” button on the right sidebar to download it.

Once I have downloaded it, and installed it, I thought it then worked and launched Java Applet with Lion, but sadly it didn’t launch it.

It’s different than in Windows, because once it’s installed, it immediately worked too, this doesn’t happen with Lion.

Then I look around on Google again, found suggestions from forums, and finally found one that actually worked for me.

My Steps to make Java Applet on Lion opened/launched

Java has to be installed on your Mac

1. Type in “Java Preference” in your spotlight, and it should show you “Java Preferences” in Top Hit line. Click it to launch it.

java applet lion

Type "Java Preferences" in Spotlight

2. Tick on the “Enable applet plug-in and webstart applications” on the top, which is ticked off by default.

java applet mac

Java Applet on Mac Lion Fix

3. Quit the “Java Preferences” window, and your browser (I use Firefox) then start your browser again, at this point, the Java Applet should work on your Lion Mac.

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