When Will Adsense Pay? -Sign Notification

Sign and notification when Google Adsense actually will send or pay your earning.

I am sure all of you, if you are new to adsense, you will be wondering when will actually they will send you the money?

Actually, it will be my first time ever to receive payment from Google Adsense.

To receive money, you should be set up for a money treshold, it depends which country you are living in.

For example, if you are in the U.S, your treshold will be 100$. So you will have to wait until your earning reach that amount.

Be patient, because new blogs will earn very little, but it will be increased as much as your increased traffics.

Remember, more traffic = more clicks = more earning. Especially traffic engines traffic will make your earning higher.

Monetizing blog with adsense is the easiest way, you don’t have to do anything, just create quality posts, try getting traffics from Search Engines, and you will earn money everyday.

It is a free money, therefore the earning is not as much as affiliate marketing cash.

However it will at least be able to pay your webhost costs. Helpful too.

So before you wonder when you will be paid, you should take care of the important stuff first, like verifying your account, for example, verifying it with Google Adsense PIN number etc.

Once you have those stuff set up, check your treshold. If you reach it, you will receive this notification.

Login to your adsense account → My Account → Payment History.

You should see:

The notification message.

You are scheduled to be sent a payment by the 30th of this month..

Scroll down, and you will see “payment issued” text, if they transferred the money. Mine arrived after 2 working days.

Payment Issued -Adsense

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