Who logged into my Facebook? Find it out!

Who logged into my facebook? Why do you want to know?

Nowadays, who does not use this giant Social Network website?

Being a member of a big site is definitely cool, you have many advantages, such as easily to be connected with your family members, friends, and other people whom you want to be connected with, either from business community or private live.

One of many disadvantages is being paranoid about being hacked on Facebook (FB). Yes, I am sure you have lately heard about FB account is hacked, or people are getting viruses because they click some links which are given by people that they thought they know.

Especially if you have uploaded your favorite photos and show them to your closer relatives or best friends, and suddenly someone steals it and upload them in some public websites.

This can happen to everyone, what I can recommend is increase the security of your FB account by adding telephone and others.

Who logged into my Facebook account? Find it out!

When I helped a client which is based in the U.S some months ago, actually, I had to log in to her FB account and I was asked with many security questions like phone number or a friend’s name which was tagged etc. (related:  how safe is Facebook?).

This simply means facebook does really care about the security of your FB account.

Here is the easiest and fastest way to know who ever logged into your Facebook account:

1. Login to Facebook.com

2. Next step, after you’re in, click “Arrow” icon on the very top right of your page, next to “Home” tab.

who logged into my facebook

"Account Settings"

3. You will then see a drop down menu, with many options, but you will need to select, “Account Settings” from this drop down menu.

4. In “General Account Settings” page, you will see something like this (see screenshot below) with the left sidebar containing a few links to click with their small cute icons.

"Security Settings"

5. Select, “Security” link, you will see then “Security Settings” page.

6. In this page (see screenshot) you will have many things to be tweaked if you want to, but if you take a look at the very bottom you will see “Active Sessions” and an “Edit” button in the right.

facebook login history

"Active Sessions"

7. Click that “Edit” button to expand, and you will see many infos of your “who logged into my Facebook” questions.
Those infos includes the city where you are, browser type, operating system of the computer, etc but there isn’t any IP address info, which is good.

By seeing this setting, at least you will definitely know if there was an activity from another person, and not yourself.

Who logged into my Facebook account? so far only myself, how about you? have you used this feature?

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