Why Is “Sharepoint 2010 Slow”

Quick tips to improve sharepoint slow loading speed performance troubles.

Today the first time i went to the company where my hubby works. It’s furniture company and the workers are disabled people. I was so surprised that loading their company site which is based on intranet took so long. They use Sharepoint.

I used to work with Sharepoint in our old company and it is a useful and effective application. I could do sharing my files or informations with other users. So i try to look for the reasons why this intranet site loads so slow.

I could however understand why it can load that slow. Sharepoint first need to load the working process for its apllications.

There are things we should check when sharepoint loads slow:

1. If you run it in two seperate server, let’s say, you run a website in http://yourserver, and in http://yourserver:8080, then the loading trouble can be caused by using several databases in the same servers

2. Now if you have team websites for company over the internet, it can really be slower than if you have the sites based on intranet. Consult with your webhost provider.

3. Be sure that whenever you run the sites or documents in Internet Explorer, it runs without addons. Also try to delete all internet explorer’s browser caches, cookies and histories.

I hope that will improve your loading speed of sharepoint.


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  1. Pungi says

    With the tips that you have mentioned, they hardly indicate ANYTHING. You have not mentioned any of the 3 items that are usually looked at before trying to find the issue, i.e processor, disk IO and memory. Not to mention an incorrectly configured farm, which has numerous settings that can slow you down: indexing, profiles sync, wss tracing, space allocation, database size etc.