Windows Security- Logon Windows Mail Problem

Windows Vista’s Windows Mail Logon problem, that ask your username and password over and over again.

I use Windows Vista, and I like it eventhough Vista has lots of bugs. I think it’s because i am used to Windows.

By the way, I was so terribly upset with my windows mail a few days ago, it almost made me installing thunderbird, but i tried to be more patient.

Windows Mail logon problem.

This problem happened twice already, and it is so annoying, i can’t type username and password whenever i check and login to my 4 email accounts. I thought it was Windows Vista bug, or webmailer server failure, but my private email address didn’t work either.

Here is what i have done and what you should do too if you got windows security login problems in Windows Mail with the message “please verify that both username and password are correct for your mail server“.

It is your ISP provider, just type in the username and password, and it will work from alone. I did it and the next day, it works well again.

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