Winrar file corrupt — How to fix and repair

Things get horrible when you need a file and suddenly shows winrar file corrupt error.

Winrar is a really great software if you want to move file which is too big from one computer to others, or to external harddrive. (see my post about split files with winrar).

This happened to me a few days ago, after i want to extract some files which i saved in .rar format long time ago from my external harddrive.

Actually before this winrar file corrupt message displayed, it needed a few minutes to be extracted and the first minutes were alright. Because the file was too big, it was really frustating, because i expect the moving went well.

Winrar file corrupt message is mostly caused by one file or two, not your whole files.

Usually when we save our big files in .rar archive formats, it is then splitted to some files, like 01.rar, 02.rar etc.

In my experience a few days ago, i want to extract my video tutorial collections, and somehow one of the files was corrupt. My files were until 78.rar.

So when this winrar file corrupt error notification pops up, you should see which file it was, in my case, was my 39.rar file.

But if you did not catch which file, don’t worry, read further.

How to repair winrar file corrupt error that you may have.

1. First, open your winrar application.

I use Windows Vista, here is the screenshot:

winrar file corrupt

2. Once it is opened, browse to the file location, by clicking the pull down menu button in top right of your screen.

how to fix winrar file corrupt

3. Browse the file. After you find it, and select it (highlighted), click “repair” button on the top.

repair winrar file corrupt

4. A “repairing file name.rar” pop up window will show up, and choose one of two option by ticking one of the box.

-Treat the corrupt file as RAR
-Treat the corrupt file as ZIP.

I usually don’t change anything there.

5. Hit “OK” button when you’re ready to repair your file.

The result will be named, rebuild.filename.rar.

If everything runs well, you should be able to get rid of the winrar file corrupt error.

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  1. says

    Hi Kimi,

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve had so many WinRar files before that were corrupt and what I usually do is just delete the whole thing and start all over.

    Thanks again.

    • says

      Hey Sayed,

      Yea, that’s an alternative, but i prefer trying to repair first before starting all over again,

      don’t be too lazy :-P

      Thanks for coming by and visiting!

  2. Lewis says

    There is another way to do that without just delete the rar files:

    I downloaded divxfactory-faxp_part1 from internet. It is avi movie.

    When I found that rar2 is missing, I copy and paste rar3 at the same location and the file name will become something like divxfactory-faxp_part1_part3_copy.rar. Rename it to divxfactory-faxp_part1.part2.rar.

    Use 7-zip to decompress it. It will extract divxfactory-faxp_part1.avi. After this step, I google torrent file for divxfactory-faxp_part1 and found the torrent which is same size (699MB).

    -I open the torrent and download the file. This will let me have its file name.
    -Then I transfer the original divxfactory-faxp_part1 to torrent file directory(I can do that because both file name different but same size and same file).
    -Then I copy the name of torrent avi file and delete it. Rename original divxfactory-faxp_part1 to the torrent file name.
    -Manual hash it with Bitcomet (Torrent client I used) and you will found that the location of missing part 2 is empty after hash.
    -Finally the percentage completion of the file is 85%! Another 15% is for missing part 2.

    I download 2 torrent but only one torrent give me good speed.

    If you choose not to copy and paste part 3 and rename to part 2 then the manual hash will stop at 14%. That is after part 1!

    That all!