With or without www wordpress blog

With or without www wordpress — where to start?

Last year, I have posted a little bit longer videos about what to do after installing wordpress blog. I did not re-watch it, but I still remember I mentioned in the video that in General settings, you should choose to have a- with or without www wordpress blog.

After you are sure which one you would like to have, stick with it, and I suggest you to never change this settings.

Just yesterday, I published an article, which is titled, how to fix 404 error not found in webmaster tools, and also I explained why I got that error.

One of many important reason, I changed my settings in this with or without www wordpress case, from without the prefix to have the prefix.

Let’s break this down..this blog, if you notice, whenever you type : http://blog.web6.org (this is the setting that I had the first day, I installed my blog) in your browser, it will automatically open : http://www.blog.web6.org.

You can test it if you want..this is because I have the www for my homepage and other pages, as well as posts.

If you want to check yours (with or without www wordpress you have), it should be in, “Settings” then “General”. There you should see wordpress and blog’s URL. Check it with or without www wordpress blog you currently have.

With or without www wordpress — webmaster tools preferred settings and htaccess

ATTENTION: htaccess file is really senstive file, do not modify it if you are not sure.

These are the htaccess redirection to have with or without the prefix:

To redirect to the URL with www:

And to redirect without www:

Then after you set with or without www wordpress, the one you want to have, you can set “preferred settings” in Google webmaster tools. I have published a detailed step by step video tutorial in this submitting sitemap to Google post.

with or without www wordpress

preferred settings in Webmaster Tools.

With or without www wordpress — which one is the best?

I can’t answer you this question since I am not 90% or even 100% SEO expert.

However, about with or without www wordpress,  I personally choose with the prefix. I guess it does not really matter which one you should choose.

The important is choose one and go with it, do not change it, if you have to change, change once, and always remember the quality backlinks you already built.

Either you choose www or without www wordpress URL, it has to be landed on the same page.

Because a few Search Engines will treat them as different URL, and the content will be the same. It means it can risk you duplicating content. So, indeed, decide one, with or without www wordpress blog URL.

Lots of people, including famous and well-known blogs use without prefix and some others prefer with the prefix. If we take a look at Google, for one example, it uses www

And my reason to use www is, because it is the common way of typing a website address, and I use .org domain extension, so using this prefix will help people or search engines to see my blog address as a web address, a World Wide Web, what www stands for.

There is one big advantage that people can take if they choose having blog URL without prefix. The benefit is the URL will become shorter in Search Engine result, and of course it will then display more keywords you are targetting.

How about your blog? With or without www wordpress blog?

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