woPad i7 Review |woPad i7 (woPad 2, woPad Rockchip 2918, 7″ capacitive android tablet with aluminum enclosure like iPad 1))

woPad i7 Tablet Review

Before I finally stumped up the cash for this woPad i7 tablet, I have done a lot of research because I thought it was a little of a gamble.

I am having an Apple ipod touch, but I was tired and wanted something new, a tablet. (got mine at $99)

Honestly, I did not expect much, this woPad i7 (also known as woPad2) comes with the Google operating system, 2.3 Android features the enabled Adoble Flash.

I would not consider myself as an extreme tablet user. I am still doing my real “demanding computing” work on my home desktop, although you can use this tablet to read or edit your pdfs files.
I bought this tablet to have fun with my family to play some games or surging the internet without carrying my Macbook or my desktop.

For this reason, the tablet has proved excellent.

Once you get it, I recommend to charge this unit for around 10 hours before you are using it, I know it is real hard to do, because you will want to use it right away!

I was very lucky, because this tablet arrived exactly before I went to my office, so I could charge it while I am gone.

And when I am home, I set it up, and was connected to my wifi network, so I can access the web.

Wifi setup was a breeze, and I can even use it while I am downstairs (my router is upstairs).

I like to use the “dolphin” browser, especially with the use of enabled gestures, it speed up my browsing experience, and it’s a real fun.

woPad i7 Specs and features

This woPad i7 (woPad 2 tablet) comes with1.2Ghz ARM cortex A8 processor, 512mb ddr3 of ram, 4gb of hdd, 1.3mp built-in webcam, and many ports (including micro SD slot).

It also comes with preinstalled basic apps, that you will need, and some of the apps you won’t I guess.

At the time I was online, I immediately went to the Android market and installed, yes, the Angry Birds right away and it works well.

And then I have tried the CNN videos, and it does an acceptable job.

wopad i7

Accessing CNN videos

Then this is the most important, and my best feature, the touchscreen.

It has a capacitive multi-touch display and to me this is a real big plus.

Really responsive, in some cases too much responsive but you can modify the a sensitivity setting, but really I must say, the screen is incredibly good.

A small let down for me is the device comes with a pretty low resolution of a webcam, so do not expect taking top qualities photos with it, however it does its job well as a web cam.

The battery life is about 4 hours playback, which is not so bad to me, and I could get it longer when it is on a standby mode.

woPad i7 Review – Summary

This is an ideal tablet for browsing internet without using laptop or PC, playing games, emails, and do basic computing works, it definitely has those functionality.

wopad i7

I got mine for around $100, so I know I am not hoping for an iPad 2, nor I want to compare the two, it has minor letdowns, but it can be forgiven.

If you are looking for decent capacitive multi-touch tablet, it’s worth to be considered, but if you want something lighter and more powerful, get Galaxy tab or iPad 2, but you have to double your money.

For that money, I am totally impressed with this woPad i7 (woPad 2) tablet.

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