WordPress 3.0 Drop Down Menu

WordPress 3.0 video tutorial how to set up drop down menu tab of your navigation bar with Twenty Ten theme.

Twenty Ten is really nice theme of the latest version of wordpress. I notice lots people use it, and the most useful part of the navigation is the drop down feature. It is so much easier to have drop down menu in your wordpress blog now.

I have created a video how to set up featured image in wordpress 3.0, and today we will make our drop down menu works.

If you remember, in the oldest version theme, we had to embed javascripts ourselves or even had to install plugins for drop down menu bar. We can forget those problems since this theme is providing drop down menu options.

So here are the steps for wordpress drop down navigation bar settings:
1. Create pages, in this example i use “address” page. So click “pages” and then “Add New”. Type the title, and the content.

2. When you are done, in the right bar, you see “Page Attributes” and click “Parents” pull down menu.
3. Set which parent page you want.

4. Click “Publish” and refresh your page. It should work and your wordpress blog has neat drop down menu in the navigation bar.

Do you like this new drop down menu? Well, i do :)


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