WordPress 3.2 New Features Screenshots and Video – What’s New in WP 3.2?

WordPress 3.2 New Features – New Default Theme

WordPress 3.2 new feature that is already obvious, is its new default theme, which in wp 3.1 was Twenty Ten theme. Now in 2011, WordPress 3.2 will feature the new default theme, which is called Twenty Eleven Theme. (related: WordPress 3.2 release date, and Twenty Eleven theme video preview).

Although I am not too sure if it will still include the older default theme, Twenty Ten, but having a template which allow you, as wordpress blogger to have so much options to modify and adjust the layout easily with some options buttons is very nice feature.

I am sure, everyone will love the new theme, as they did with Twenty Ten theme.

Although for me, the one who gives some tutorials about Twenty Ten theme, will suffer a bit because perhaps not a lot people will look into those tutorials lol..

I am just surprised because with the Kubrick theme, WP used it a quite long time, and years, and now it will be changed again. But it is reported to be a lot speedier, be it the theme and wordpress itself. Let’s wait and see..

WordPress 3.2 New Features – Different Dashboard Appearance

I have installed wordpress 3.2 testing development version in localhost. If you are interested you can see my post how to install wordpress offline.

Right after the installation, I have noticed one big difference, which is appearance of my dashboard in admin page.

I was like, “Wow”..The font itself is a little smaller than previous version, but again, it is a testing version, I want to see if it is really released.

Also the font family is now using the Arial, and not Lucia Grande or Verdana like in the older version, interesting..

And then the interface of the heading title in the dashboard, such as Dashboard, Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, it will have a kind of dark grey background and right arrow.

It looks quite nice, but to me personally, I will need a while to get used to it.

WordPress 3.2 New Features Screenshots

After looking around in my local blog installation, I wanted to share this screenshots with you guys, they are really cool.

However I will not repeat to post screenshot of Twenty Eleven theme, if you want to see more complete of Twenty Eleven theme, please see this Twenty Eleven theme video post.

Here are some screenshots of the dashboard, and the difference between the old version admin page appearance and this development version of WP 3.2

1. Twenty Eleven theme, see more in this Twenty Eleven theme video preview post.

2. Dashboard icons appearance.

wordpress 3.2

Dashboard Appearance

wordpress 3.2

The whole new dashboard of coming WP 3.2

3. The “Toggle to Full Screen Mode” button in the post box.

wordpress 3.2

The "Toggle Full Screen Mode" button.

To me this is an interesting new features. As in the screenshot, the one with the red arrow, is the full screen mode button. If we click on that button, it will bring our post box to a full screen mode, or looks like a stand alone browser page. Here is a screenshot of the full screen mode of a post.

wordpress 3.2

Post in "Full Screen" mode, with "back" button and disappearing menu bar (with purple border)

In the top left corner, you will find “back” button, that will bring you back to the “normal” post box which I found more comfortable. But full screen mode gives us benefit, which allows us to concentrate more to our writing task.

And what cool is, actually the menu bar (which has purple border in the screenshot above) will automatically disappear and when you hover it again, it will be displayed.

4. The post format, which was in the older version, 3.1.2, only show 3 post formats, but now it has 3 extra formats which are, Link, Status, Quote and Image.

wordpress 3.2

Extras Post Format Options.

And lastly, to me WordPress 3.2 new feature is not really significant, but still very interesting.

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