WordPress 3.2 PHP and MySQL New Requirements

WordPress 3.2 is already on the plan

It feels not too long ago, I have posted my screencast or video to install wordpress 3.1 and just a few days ago, I read wordpress 3.2 is on the plan to be more fast and light. (related post: admin wordpress 3.1 slow and how to disable wordpress admin bar).

The exact date of WordPress 3.2 release date is still unknown, but it is already planned to be changed here and there, like the upgrade improvements, lighter theme, including WordPress 3.2 PHP and MySQL new requirements.

I have also mentioned that in my older post, WordPress is somehow too frequent to update in my opinion.

I still remember a few times around two or three weeks wordpress had its update message on the top of my screen although I felt like I have updated yesterday. At least that I felt before wordperss 3.1 is out. (Related: tutorial to upgrade wordpress)

WordPress 3.2 PHP and MySQL New Requirements

In wordpress news blog, it is stated that wordpress 3.2 will have new requirements on the PHP and mySQL requirements.

Unlike WordPress 3.1 (recent version) that still can use PHP version 4, the new upcoming wordpress will not run PHP 4 below.

The PHP version to 5.2 will be the minimum to run your wordpress blog, since 11% of total wordpress installations world wide still use PHP version 5.2 below. (mine is above 5.2 and to find it out I will show you later on still in this post).

And for MySQL new requirement will be will be MySQL version 5.0.15, minimum. I will also will show you how to find MySQL version.

WordPress 3.2 – How to find out my PHP version?

In the wordpress news article above, it is written you can use healthy check plugin to check all versions you have.

But I personally haven’t tried this plugin, because I use manual way without adding or install another plugin.

The reason is because I am a little “afraid” with new plugin if I have an alternative checking it manually and the way I checked, is also not complicated.

Here is how I found my PHP version:

1. Create a .txt file with notepad, called, myphpinfo.txt, save it in your desktop.

2. Rename that myphpinfo.txt to myphpinfo.php

3. Open it with notepad++

4. Copy and Paste this code:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Then save it.

5. Upload it to your webserver, I used it with FTP (see how to use FTP in wordpress), but in this demo, I use cPanel, the non-techie way and easiest.

6. Type your domain name, like so:


Hit Enter.

7. You will see your PHP info datas, like in this following image.

wordpress 3.2

It says PHP Version 5.3.0


Your PHP version is highlighted in red with red arrow.

Now we will look for your mySQL version.

Note: Delete this myphpinfo.php file, once you’re done!

Video tutorial:


WordPress 3.2 – How to find out mySQL version?

The step to find out mySQL version is not too far from the steps above to find out your PHP version.

When you typed the path to your “myphpinfo.php” file, and scroll down to SQL, you will see API version. That’s actually your MySQL version.

mysql php version

mysql version

So why would we want to find PHP and MySQL version of our wordpress blog?

It is simply because to be prepared, if you have the versions that are accepted for wordpress 3.2, then be relaxed with the next update, otherwise, start to look for another webhosting that support this requirements, like HostGator or JustHost at least.

Be prepared when wordpress 3.2 is out, it will be faster, so they said!

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