WordPress 3.2 Release Date – When?

WordPress 3.2 Release Date – Soon

WordPress 3.2 release date is already around the corner, not long anymore, this newest version will be introduced to public, us, wordpress bloggers or wp fans.

As we probably already know WordPress as the best blogging software that we can use without cost, and the best blogging software to me, always update from one previous version to the newer always in a few months interval.

Some bloggers I know even do not update their blog immediately if there is a upgrade notification, because he knows it will be updated again in a few months. An older article which may be an interest, is it necessary to update wordpress?.

The reasons why some people delay updating their blogs varies one to another, some are afraid, some know, the newest is not always perfect. Especially after the version 3.1 was out, I and some people got admin wordpress 3.1 slow problem.

By WP official website and team, we are always recommended to upgrade our blogs due to the security reasons. (related: Fantastico wordpress security).

WordPress 3.2 Release Date – Are you prepared?

About a few weeks ago, I have posted the wordpress 3.2 PHP and new MySQL requirements, if you want to be sure with your host before WordPress 3.2 release date comes. I guess most hosts already supports the requirement versions, and if not, we still have time to check another recommended webhosting for WordPress.

Other than the hosting providers we have and WP 3.2 requirements, we also should check our themes and plugins.

For instance, if you have the theme which was built for a specific version of WP, and you notice, it is not updated since then, then it is worth to consider before upgrading.

I mean, when you upgrade your blog, and after the updating process, your blog is disappeared or got some updating problems, the older wp theme version might be the cause.

The solution would not be too complicated, because you still can switch to your default theme by renaming your current theme through FTP or cPanel. (related: How to use FTP in WordPress)

Apart of themes, I have been paying attentions of plugins I am using. Some are sometimes updated by their developers, some are not.

Not that all plugins need to be updated frequently, but at least we can be aware which plugins are still on its very old version and which are updated to the latest wp version.

This is also important to notice, because they are written by wp developers and not all of them are wp newest version compatible.

When upgrade processed failed, the very first step we can try to do is disabling all plugins, and then try another alternatives.

WordPress 3.2 Release Date – When and What’s new?

After WordPress 3.1.2 was released, surely, wordpress 3.2 release date is just coming very soon.

You can actually visit WordPress release schedule website, WordPress 3.2 release date is actually estimated to be the end of next month, or around June 30th, 2011.

wordpress 3.2 release date
The planned release date of WordPress 3.2

The new features of this wordpress 3.2 release date, bells and whistles are not yet known for the detail, but the new theme will be introduced in WordPress 3.2 release date, which is not Twenty Ten theme, but Twenty Eleven theme.

I am excited about wordpress 3.2 release date because I am sure, I will have to update some of my video tutorials.

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