WordPress 3.3 Release Date Schedule

WordPress 3.3 Release Date – another update

If you are already using wordpress 3.2 version, you will be amazed how the newer version will be out soon this year, because wordpress 3.3 release date is already scheduled. (related: install wordpress 3.2)

For some bloggers or wordpress websites webmasters, they prefer to wait until the next release after the newest is out.

So for example, wordpress now is on 3.21, some of them are still using the 3.2 because they are waiting for the next which is 3.2.2.

To me personally, after I noticed wp-admin slow problem, I only wait for a few days before updating my blog.

If I don’t hear any bugs or problems, then I upgrade mine, as I really think upgrading or updating wordpress is very important.

In fact, some few days ago, I have just noticed in one of my blogs, that updating plugins are more important.

This is because plugins are written by developers when the older WP was used, and when the newer version is used, those plugins can be incompatible with the current WP version you are using.

Many things can be caused be non-updated plugins, in my case, was whenever I click “Add new” post, there were always blank screen in my admin page. (not this blog though).

WordPress 3.3 Release Date – Faster and Better?

I do really like the current version, which is 3.2.1, because it is fast and cleaner.

Though the general appearance in the admin page is really nice, and we can use the “full screen” feature while writing post, but I rarely use that feature.

I just enjoy writing in my usual post box, and I don’t get distraction from it.

However, that full screen post feature is really helpful, if you are used to it.

With the wordpress 3.3 release date is now scheduled, I wonder what will wordpress 3.3 like?

We should see and I am almost sure it will be better.

When is WordPress 3.3 Release Date Scheduled

WordPress 3.3 release date is scheduled or planned to be around November, 2011.

So I guess the coming months, the small updates will occure.

wordpress 3.3 release date

Therefore, if you are using Twenty Eleven theme, I suggest to copy your theme files, or creating child theme, to avoid losing modifications you have made.

Visit this development project wordpress page for more updates on this wordpress 3.3 release date plans and updates.

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