WordPress 3.3 Sonny – “Welcome To WordPress 3.3”

Welcome To WordPress 3.3 Sonny

Finally, WordPress 3.3 Sonny is out. It’s called sonny, which came from an American jazz saxophonist which is, Edward “Sonny” Stitt.

After long and frequent updates and tests on with the beta editions, finally WordPress 3.3 is out and released for all today.

Actually, the scheduled release date was also planned in November, and finally available for download on December 13th, 2011.

Unlike the older versions of WP, this time it has so much new cool features which you will find even when you just install wordpress. (related: welcome panel feature).

As I realize wordpress updates is necessary to do but I still try it as I am in a bit doubt whether my installed plugins are all compatible or not, therefore, I updated web6.org and I wait to update in this blog.

Once you update your blog, you will see a welcome page, which says, “welcome to wordpress 3.3” with nice interface and guides or introductions.

If you want to see admin pointers, you should install a blog offline, as this feature only can be seen on a fresh installation or after updates, navigate somewhere else and click “dashboard” it will show once, and then it will disappear as soon as you click “dismiss” cross button.

As everyone expected, and as the developers claimed, this edition is amazingly fast.

I immediately noticed the admin speedy performance. (related: wordpress 3.1 slow admin).

Furthermore, I do really like cleaner user interface and ability to drag and drop files in media upload section, and not to forget, the flying menus are incredibly fast!

wordpress 3.3 sonny
wordpress 3.3 "sonny" welcoming you!

WordPress 3.3 Sonny Theme

Default theme sticks to Twenty Eleven, which is no doubt an excellent theme with so many options and capabilities.

Some posts about Twenty Eleven, if they might be useful for you:

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Twenty Eleven logo
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Twenty Eleven comment bubble

And many more, feel free to browse my posts in sitemap page.

WordPress 3.3 Sonny highlights

There are many features which comes with this newest version, however I have two of most favorite features with this version (3.3)

1. I do like the flyout menus that I can easily hide and expand whenever I need it.

Not only giving me more space to see other features on my screen, it’s also looking sleeker than before.

2. The other feature is welcome panel, as I was once new to WP and had no idea to start, this new panel can be extremely helpful guide for those who are really new to wordpress.

Those are my fav parts of this version that I can think of right now, what are your fav features with this WordPress 3.3 Sonny?

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  1. says

    I was just thinking about upgrading to the new version, but wanted to wait until hearing other peoples experience with the update. Sounds like it’s time to update it now.
    Thank you for your review of the update

    • says

      Hi Aileen | Kaizen Vision!!

      Yes, some people have problems, but that can be caused by many things, especially our current plugins..

      I am now also waiting for sometimes, until I am sure I will have no difficulties after update..

      Thank you for leaving a comment, happy holidays, merry christmas and happy new year!

      Best wishes