WordPress 3.4 and Twenty Twelve Theme

WordPress 3.4 latest news

Seriously, I am happy with the latest update and upgrade to wordpress 3.3 version, especially I could easily update my blogs without difficulties. (at least until today)

I have noticed (probably you too) a lot of people in wp forums have pointed some issues, one of them is blank screen in dashboard or other errors happened after they updating their sites.

One of another issue is background image with the older theme, like Inova theme will not be applied with wp 3.3.

This background issue will be solved with adding body class in the theme.

If you haven’t updated your site, I hope that you saved your latest database before hitting “update” button.

Actually, there is always a warning to back up your files first before updating your site from wordpress.

Does WordPress 3.4 have a new default theme?

Now we are back at wordpress 3.4, yes the next version news update is already planned with the new default theme which will be called, Twenty Twelve.

A very predictable name after Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven, but the features plan seems very interesting.

wordpress 3.4

Highlights of WordPress 3.4 default theme

Here are the highlights of this new future default theme of WordPress 3.4

  1. single post/permalink view with post formats is needed
  2. variable height header image
  3. mobile version
  4. default to static front page (will need a function in core to auto-choose)
  5. editor styles the same as front end.
  6. avoid clever things that aren’t super-useful (like ephemera widget)
  7. start with 2011 as base for code (or 2010, which has gotten more updates and had more eyes on it)
  8. no featured image in header
  9. by default – no header image

Or you can read the full news here.

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