WordPress 3- Changing “Leave A Reply”

How to change, modify or customize  “leave a reply” text in Twenty Ten wordpress 3 default theme to leave a comment in your blog.

In today wordpress 3.0.1 tutorial, we are going to change the wording “leave a reply” in your comment template  just after your blog post and before comment box.

This is probably needed if you have specific blog or site’s niche and want to be “different” to your commenters.

It is very recommend that you change those text, because it is more friendly and less formals. Of course, if you have a business blog, you may change it too to more related for your business.

However it is really optional, if you are afraid to change anything, then leave it by default.

The text we will modify and change.

The steps:

1. Look for the directory where you install wordpress.
2. Find wp-includes folder.
3. Copy comment-template.php by copying it and rename it to, for example, comment-template1.php
3. Open comment-template.php file.
4. In this demo, i use notepad++ it is in line 1542 (see image)

The line of the code that should be modified.

Find this code: 'title_reply'          => __( 'Leave a Reply' ),

Change it to: 'title_reply'          => __( 'shoot me your comment' ),

Of course the text above is just an example :)

5. Save the file. Refresh your blog and try it.

  • Tips: you can change the button from post a comment to shoot, or anything you like.  In case something is wrong, rename back the copy of comment-template1.php to the original(comment-template.php).

The modification i used for this demo.

The other modification (button)

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