WordPress Add Video To Post

How to add any videos (can be from YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler or any other sources) to your WordPress post without installing video plugins.

When i first started to blog with wordpress, i used to embed video via its URL by clicking “Add Video” button whenever i wrote a post.

The result would be, it only gave me a link to the video where it is hosted and not the video itself.

Quite disappointing when we do something incorrect. So this tutorial is going to guide you, how we can embed html code or iframe code from YouTube video. If you want to add YouTube video in sidebar, check this video tutorial.

Note, usual YouTube video code will give you lots of w3c error codes. Well, i do care about how clean my code is, so i also care about error.

Unclean html coding error will cause your site looks different when it’s renderred by different browser platforms.

But you don’t have to be worried, there are tons of popular websites have tons of coding errors as well, it is not a big deal for some people.

Steps adding Video to wordpress post.

1. In your post box, click “HTML” tab. This will enable you to  add any html code, including video embedding codes.


2. Go to YouTube to add the video you like (careful with copyright thing) and click “<Embed>” button, under the video, bottom right.

Click Embed button.

3. It will then generate some embedding codes, now, you can leave it as it is, or customize. I personally will customize it:

Customizing embedding code.

I only check, “Play in HD”, if the video can be played in HD.

Check, “Use iframe embed code (beta)”, because this code is validated in W3C.

Copy the code.

4.Paste the code in your post (still in HTML tab).

5. Edit the size, which says, width, and height.

Editing Width, and Height.

6. Click “preview”, “Publish” or “Update”.


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