WordPress Add Video To Post

How to add any videos (can be from YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler or any other sources) to your WordPress post without installing video plugins.

When i first started to blog with wordpress, i used to embed video via its URL by clicking “Add Video” button whenever i wrote a post.

The result would be, it only gave me a link to the video where it is hosted and not the video itself.

Quite disappointing when we do something incorrect. So this tutorial is going to guide you, how we can embed html code or iframe code from YouTube video. If you want to add YouTube video in sidebar, check this video tutorial.

Note, usual YouTube video code will give you lots of w3c error codes. Well, i do care about how clean my code is, so i also care about error.

Unclean html coding error will cause your site looks different when it’s renderred by different browser platforms.

But you don’t have to be worried, there are tons of popular websites have tons of coding errors as well, it is not a big deal for some people.

Steps adding Video to wordpress post.

1. In your post box, click “HTML” tab. This will enable you to  add any html code, including video embedding codes.


2. Go to YouTube to add the video you like (careful with copyright thing) and click “<Embed>” button, under the video, bottom right.

Click Embed button.

3. It will then generate some embedding codes, now, you can leave it as it is, or customize. I personally will customize it:

Customizing embedding code.

I only check, “Play in HD”, if the video can be played in HD.

Check, “Use iframe embed code (beta)”, because this code is validated in W3C.

Copy the code.

4.Paste the code in your post (still in HTML tab).

5. Edit the size, which says, width, and height.

Editing Width, and Height.

6. Click “preview”, “Publish” or “Update”.


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  1. Davina says

    This was a very timely video as I was struggling to upload my video to my blog. It is now there and a big thank you to Kimi. She has packed a wealth of knowledge into her blog, definitely someone to follow.

    • says

      Hello Davina!

      Thank you for the nice words, I really hope that this blog can help other WordPress newbies too.



  2. Mary says

    when I add videos to my post, I always get problems. I see many codes there. I do not understand that codes. Thank you for this post. Especially iframes sometimes dont work.

    • says

      Hello Mary,

      To me, it is always working.

      The reason why i use iframes, it is validated in W3C, but of course you can choose the old embedding code too for an alternative.

      Thanks for coming again! ;)

  3. Oscar says

    Wow you give allot of great information. I found your website through ( how to remove author from twenty ten) The walk through was precise and i had the author removed but left the date, in like 2-3 mins. I had been searching for that tutorial for days. you must be good at css. I am beginner blogist and want to use wp-robot , do you recommend i use All In One SEO Pack????

    • says

      Hey Oscar,

      I am actually a really beginner of CSS learner :D I am sure those who are good at CSS will notice it.

      I am glad that the post could help you.

      Yes, absolutely installing All In One SEO Pack is a must if you build a wordpress blog, autoblog is included.

      There are also premium SEO plugins you can buy, but All In One SEO Pack is free and works well.

      Thanks for coming by, and don’t be hesitated to ask if you have any more questions.

      • Oscar says

        What other plugins do you use? I really hope you just use the 3 you mentioned in your other post. I really like to kiss (keep it short and simple) To much information or to many plugins and a beginner can get overwhelmed. Hopefully the 3 you mentioned where the most important, but please let me know what you think. I am using quick addsense for my addsense adds. what do you use? do you use one over all plugin for all your adds addsens or not?

        lastly how can i get a contact page in my twenty ten theme, i want to have the e-mail form where people can contact me?

        sorry for so many questions please help. :)

        • says

          Hello Oscar,

          I use 16 plugins so far, i will post it someday soon.

          The three that i mentioned in the post are the essential plugins i use, and the other you can find in these posts:


          The rest, i will post someday soon.

          Almost forgot, for contact page, you can use Contact Form 7 or Secure Contact Form plugins, those are the most popular and i use on my other blogs as well. For this blog, i use Secure Contact Form

          Adsense: I don’t use any plugins for it.

          Subscribe if you like, it is free, and delivered by google feedburner..

    • says

      Hey Rammesh,

      Thank you for visiting my blog, and stumbled it :D

      I hppe it can really help other newbies, and it is actually helping too, because i am learning it as well.

      Thanks for your nice words.

  4. Mig says

    I noticed that the code for inline doesn’t validate in w3 HTML. Is there anything I have to do to get it validated?


      • Mig says

        Yea, I used iframe. I changed my DTD to XHTML Transitional and removing type=”text’html” from iframe code fixed it for me. I had Strict and it gave me like 8 errors from that code.


  5. Lawrence Abiodun says

    I am very happy landing here today, because this wonderful tutorial has really helped me. Now I can simply embed a video in my wordpress post.