WordPress Akismet Api Key

What is akismet and a video guide on how to activate it and paste the API key to your wordpress blog.

1. What is Akismet?

Akismet is very useful to prevent and block wordpress comment spams or even spam bots which can be really annoying. This plugin is a must have plugin if you have wordpress blog.

You don’t have to install it because it’s a default feature once you installed wordpress. You just need to activate it by entering API key that you can get from wordpress.com account.

2. How do i activate Akismet?

Once you activate Akismet, it will give you notification, that you must enter they API key before you can really use it. If you haven’t an account in wordpress.com, you need to sign up and create one.

Once your account is active, login to your dashboard which is usually can be done, by typing. http://youracount.wordpress.com/wp-admin

In your dashboard, look for your profile, and click it, it will ask you if you want to activate your API key, click this link and you will see your API key. Copy it and paste it in your wordpress blog dashboard akismet settings.

It’s so easy but i notice there are still some beginners friends out there who don’t know how useful Akismet is, and some don’t even activate it.

If you do all correctly, you will have Akismet fully activated it and if you like, you can display the Akismet widget which shows how many spams are caught by Akismet in your sidebar, i personally do not use this wigdet.

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