WordPress All in Seo Pack Double Blog Title

How to fix double blog title problem if you are using wordpress 3.0 twenty ten and All in SEO pack plugin.

When i try using Twenty Ten theme and configured all in seo pack plugin, i notice my blog post has double title in the browser.

It is going to look like this:
blogpostBlogTitle | BlogTitle

Image of double blog title twenty ten and all in seo pack plugin:

Of course we don’t want this to happen. So I have tried to apply this tip and it works well. Credit to wordpress.org.

Steps to remove double title of blog title from using All In Seo pack plugin:

1. Go to your dashboard.

2. Navigate to appearance, Editor, and look for Theme function, which is functions.php.

3. Copy all the codes and paste them in notepad++ or notepad, and look for the line 262, and remove this code:

add_filter( 'wp_title', 'twentyten_filter_wp_title', 10, 2 );

4. Copy the code, and paste it back in functions.php in your wordpress dashbboard.

5. Click “Update File” button, and refresh your blog.

By now, if we did all correctly, the problem of having All in Seo pack plugin and wordpress 3.0 double title Twenty Ten is solved.

Video Tutorial:

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