WordPress “Answers And Questions” Plugin

How to set up your wordpress blog like “Yahoo Answers” site with a plugin and get Q&A free premium themes.

A few months ago, i wondered how to get a wordpress blog to be an answers and questions site, since most of us know, wordpress is a really flexible blogging software that can be converted as a business website, Article or website directory sites, or now, even can be like yahoo answers site.

WP-answer plugin which is compatible with wp 3,  can do all the work for you.

This plugin can be similar like an autoblog software, because you almost don’t need to write posts or anything, you just need to promote to get people out there to visit your site and register themselves.

The rest the plugin will work, people will ask question, and others will answer those question, your wordpress blog will run and indexed automatically, and getting traffic as much as you promote it.

  • This is the home or front page look like.

Index page looks like.

  • If  i click for example, the question: “What is easier to use, wordpress or blogspot”, i will get this page.

If you click the question title.


1. Free premium optimized themes.

2. Website index or front page looks like yahoo answers page.

3. Login and register box are in yoursidebar.

4. Advertisement spaces provided in your sidebar as well.

See more demo and all features here.

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