WordPress as static website build non-blog wordpress site

WordPress as static website — who will possibly need it.

I have received an email today, someone asked me, if wordpress is the right tool for him to use wordpress as static website.

People like him, usually have a company, which have many staff and they want to make a site where everyone can post what they like in the company’s website.

In this case, wordpress is exceptionally great tool to build a website for everyone in the company.

You can change header, and logo in your wordpress to brand your site’s layout too, the difficulty level will be different from theme to theme, since we have tons of themes that we can choose.

My recommendation of company website themes are either Genesis or Thesis, because they do give really professional look.

The easy and fast option that can covert a blogging tool as a CMS. Lots of people actually use wordpress as static website or CMS with a single click.

Though some people are confused about wordpress pages and posts.

And this can be some factors that people can’t apply CMS flexibility into their wordpress blogs.

WordPress as static website — understanding, what are pages and posts in wordpress?

Having a CMS website by using wordpress as static website, we have to understand the difference between pages and posts.

So let’s try to break it up, with my limited English..sigh!

Pages in wordpress are more static. I mean when you create pages, you can’t update them regularly like wordpress posts.

Example, you create “welcome” page in wordpress, once you publish this page, you will not be able to post article regularly after that.

You can update this page, because you want to edit the content.

Pages can have subpages, example, you make “Services” pages. Under these pages, you can break into “Free Services” or “Paid Services”.

This way, you will have this hierarchy:


.Free Services

.Paid Services

This simple diagram should help you understanding pages to use wordpress as static website optimally.

From those pages and subpages, you can then create nice drop down menu as well. Check out my video tutorial, using drop down menu in wordpress 3.

You can disable comments to have a page that can make wordpress as static website page, or even creating a page with no sidebar, to have non-blog look wordpress site.

wordpress as static website

wordpress as static website by disabling sidebar.

WordPress posts are the dynamic part. You create them regularly by writing new contents, new posts.

Posts has wordpress category, tags, etc..

Posts are made usually to update your site, that helps for Search Engines to crawl your site, and also they usually encourage the discussion by enabling comments.

WordPress as static website video tutorials.

I have published many details simple video tutorials about how to use wordpress to create website,  that should be good references if you want to use WordPress as static website for your company or client’s.

To achieve having wordpress as static website is depending on your template or theme that you are using.

As mentioned above, i recommend Genesis (but you will need to have the child theme) or Thesis, because they are easy to customise to achieve having wordpress as static website without adding some codes and using those themes, also will give your site more professional looks.

Note, you can also use default theme, Twenty Ten, the method will be as easy as using Genesis or Thesis, but the downside is, it is a free and default theme, there are thousands of people who are using it, so it can be a “turn off” for your visitors if they visit your company’s site.

By checking out the video tutorials above and using the right theme, i can assure you, you can easily use wordpress as static website.

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