WordPress Auto Install

How to install wordpress blog through cpanel using fantastico deluxe or it is known as the famous wordpress Five-minute Install.

If your host is hostgator, justhost, bluehost, etc, you sure have Cpanel. I used another webhost which didn’t provide it before, and now i love using cPanel, it’s a very handy tool that provides almost everything i need and easy interface to create email accounts, subdomains, mySQL databases, etc.

I have seen many people are switching from free blogging platform to selfhosted wordpress. And i would too, if i want to start blogging.

Why? because in free blogging platforms, i can’t freely use and customize my blog’s layout eventhough it’s extremely easy to sign up, and build it. But when the account is deleted (as i have heard from many people) i would waste my time and work that i have spent.

To some of you who are not familiar with wordpress and want to try using wordpress locally, you can install in your pc first and try it offline. Check out my local installation for windows tutorial and for mac user tutorial.

So today i will walk you through step by step in the video will help people to start their blogs using wordpress. You can also check my manually install wordpress 3+ tutorial.

Most of people prefer installing wordpress with fantastico because:

1. It enables us to replace “Admin” default username. If you still use admin as your login username, i recommend you change it, check out my other video.
2.It’s extremey easy, the quickest way it doesn’t need more than five minutes, it just needs a few clicks!
What we will use in this tutorial (it will work the same with wordpress version 3+):
1. A domain name.
2. Cpanel access to activate fantastico
3. WordPress 2.9.2 (the latest version for now and fantastico can automatically detect what version wordpress has recently.)

At the end of the video, you will have a new live great wordpress blog. So good luck with it!

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  1. Joe Boyle says

    Good tutorial! Fantasico De Luxe is a great installer and makes everything a lot easier. The only downside is it is somewhat insecure. Good luck in your blogging journey!

  2. says

    Hey Joe!
    Yes, i agree. Fantastico is handy because it is quick. About how insecure it is, i guess it depends on our effort to secure our blog too. Thanks for leaving a comment! :D

  3. Lee says

    Hi thanks for visiting my blog Kimi. Is it Kimi or Kimi? Anyway thought I would follow the link back here and check out your site. Great stuff here but I use blogger. Only because I am familiar with it etc… but I can see a lot of helpful info for WP users.

    You should consider joining our blogging community over on http://www.community.bloggerluv.com . Lot’s of great bloggers there supporting each other and each other’s blogs. If you get a chance come on over and take a look see. It’s a little slow right now but John is working on the speed..I hope..

  4. says

    Hello Lee,

    You’re very welcome, and thanks to leave an encouraging comment :D
    I noticed you use blogger (from your favicon) and i am absolutely agree with you to use what you are used to :D
    I have visited community.bloggerluv.com for several times, but haven’t take a look closer, thanks for this suggestion, surely i will take a look closer what it’s all about :D
    //Updated lol, my real name is Kimi, but i use Kimi to comment :)

  5. Jim says

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