WordPress Autopost Plugin – Updating Blog Automatically

WordPress Autopost Plugin – owning many blogs

If you have only a blog, you will be able to focus easily growing your blog without wordpress autopost plugin.

However, if you have multiple blogs like myself, it really requires so much times to update them, and also to promote them. (related: multiple blogs in one webserver, buying domain name without hosting to build many blogs in one hosting).

The main question is actually, is it enough to have one blog? The answer is depending on why you are blogging. Is it to have fun only to build a blog or do you want to earn money by blogging too?

If you want to earn extra money, surely, one blog will not be enough, apart of this matter, you should not put all of the eggs in one basket.

This means, if someday, something happens to your main blog, none knows, you will have other blogs to be your source income.

In this case, having other blogs to grow, and mantain can be very helpful to have source income’s backup.

The only problems with owning many blogs is keeping them updated regularly.

Imagine if you have 10 blogs, and you will need to update them yourself, I guess you will need 24 hours for blogging!

Some people have more than 50 blogs or even more than 100 blogs, to earn some more money.

Ways for automatic posting apart of using wordpress autopost plugin

From my experience, you should concentrate on one or two blogs, and for others, you can do some following to update them frequently other than using wordpress autopost plugin.

1. Offer Guest Posters or Writers.

Nowadays, Guest blogging has been very popular, because it offers win-win benefits both for the blog’s owner and the guest writer.

There are many ways how you can get them, you can set a page where you write the guest writer’s policy, requirements if people want to write for you.

Another way, you can ask them manually, you can do it by writing them email, and ask them to be a expert writer on some topics.

In returns, guest posters will usually get free backlinks from the posts they write, by putting their website links in the author box.

2. Hire writers.

This is obviously if you have more budget or if your blog earns money that you can use to hire another writer to write in your blog.

I personally like this method, because with under $10 per 500 words article, you don’t have to give people free backlinks in your site. (related: where to find freelancer for your wordpress blog)

3. Use a premium wordpress autopost plugin.

I am myself using a wordpress autopost plugin to update my other blog automatically.

It is a premium plugin, so you will need to pay for it, but something which has more features and supports of course cost money.

For wordpress autopost plugin, I am using wp-robot, one best autoblog plugin. You can even use coupon: GETWPROBOT for almost 50% discount. (related: wp-robot vs autoblog samurai)

The best of blogging is definitely writing your own articles, so I don’t recommend using this plugin in your main blog. The reason is content is still very important, so you will probably lose your readers if you use wordpress autopost plugin.

Autoblogs can rank high with lower competitions, this is one of the proof.

wordpress autopost plugin
An Autoblog ranks in the first page of Google.

In the screenshot above, you see, that when I type “twenty eleven logo” in Google search box, my twenty ten logo post ranks number 1, but there is also an autoblog which ranks in the first page of Google. (today, it ranks on number 6 in the first page Google)

You can see this autoblog post here, it actually pulls one of my rss feed.

It is very important to put a link back to the original content when you pull people’s contents.

WordPress Autopost Plugin Conclusion

The best thing you can do with your other blogs (not main blog) which uses automatic posting is checking them if you have time, and also write quality content sometimes.

It is very important to know how to use wordpress autopost plugin not in your main blog.

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